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Written by Ross Welford   
Thursday, 23 January 2014 03:20

answercoverThe third album from Italian rockers Pavic sees them change drummer, singer and direction. With their two previous efforts not quite giving them the success they craved, major changes have not only improved their sound but given them that edge they missed.


The opening, title track is a prime post-grunge American rock anthem and a very promising start to this disc which introduces us to the very accessible and decent vocals of Joe Calabro. 'In Your Eyes' is more of the same, hard rocking Americana and, again, comes out on top.


'Song For The Rain', although a tad radio friendly, is a stormer of a song which I'd rather listen too than half of the usual duff that gets played time over and again so it's another tick in the box. 'Your Own Misery' stomps it up again and the faster they play, they more fluid they become – this is obviously where they feel more comfortable and it's a winning combination that they've struck upon.


You want a band to take chances every now and again – sometimes they work, sometimes it's something the band will forever regret – so to stick Duran Duran's 'Notorious' slap bang in the middle of this disc is a gamble. For me it works, Nu Metal had a habit of taking songs from other genres and transforming them and this can be another worthy addition. The solo from mainman Marco Pavic and the general feel of the track is one which will keep the track on play for a while.


The second half of the album is more of the same and this is more than a decent album. The production of Rick Beato (Fozzy & Shinedown) may just add to the polished American vibe they've hit so it's no surprise that it's arena styled rock ala Nickelback with swathes of Nu Metal and post grunge such as SOil thrown all over it.


It may not set the world alight but fans of the aforementioned fans may just find a few tracks on here that they'll love.


Pavic made the right changes to bring about their new charge.


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