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Written by Mark Granger   
Monday, 19 January 2015 03:20

Alpha TigerWhat better way to open a power metal album than with the theme to the Eurovision song contest? That's what Germany's Alpha Tiger have done. I don’t know why but as Vic & Bob used to say “it doesn't really matter.”


Ball achingly high vocals and fast riffing are the main order of the day here, so don't go expecting any major surprises. In fact despite Alpha Tiger's guitarist and main songwriter Dan Langforth claiming that the new album is a progression there isn't a great deal of difference between their debut and this, their third album, except maybe a much better production. That's not to say it's a bad album because it's far from it, and if you listen closely there are a few moments when you can feel Alpha Tiger attempting to break free of the constraints of their chosen genre, but then again THIS IS power metal we're talking about here so in the main you know what you're getting, i.e. big songs, fast guitars and soaring melodies and ‘iDENTITY’ has all of those in abundance.


'Lady Liberty' with its familiar galloping riffs will lay happily in the hearts of many a power metal fan as will 'Scripted Reality' which tunnels a similar vein. The title track is the first song on the album to stray from the template a bit, with a stop start, heavy-as-a-very-heavy-thing riff uncommon in this genre and is something that bar Stephan Dietrich unmistakable vocals wouldn't sound out of place on a much heavier bands record.


Elsewhere the album goes back to business as usual but on the closing epic 'This World Will Burn' the band stretches their musical tendrils into a much proggier world.


With ‘iDENTITY’ Alpha Tiger have produced a great power metal album that yearns to be something more. At times they achieve their goal but when they don't it's so much fun to listen to it doesn't really matter.


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