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Written by Gaz Tidey   
Thursday, 07 January 2016 03:00

dollymamacover300If the furthest thing from your mind after dredging through the rains of the wettest month on record is the summer sun then The Dollyrots might just be about to save your life. Well, your sanity at least.


'Mama's Gonna Knock You Out', the new EP from the Los Angeles duo, is the breeziest, spikiest, sunshiny-est release of the year so far, and guaranteed to have you kicking the sowester and galoshes to the kerb in double quick time.


Kelly Ogden and Luis Cabezas return with a three-track sound explosion that will disappoint solely because of its brief running time: you, like me, will be hitting repeat over and over again.


The Dollyrots are coming to the end of their third crowd-funding campaign, the PledgeMusic-funded live CD/DVD 'Family Vacation: Live In Los Angeles!', and pledgers found their stockings crammed with more sugary goodness than usual this past Christmas as the all-new EP digitally dropped into their Yuletides like a brewed-up Saint Nicholas.


An official release for 'Mama's Gonna Knock You Out' is imminent (via the band's own Arrested Youth label), and just in time for the band to join Bowling For Soup's return to UK stages on the 'How About Another Round Tour'.


Opening track 'Save Me' takes all of twenty seconds to colour the airwaves with a sugar buzz chorus as infectious as the monkey from Outbreak. Kelly's honeytrap vocals drip over Luis' staccato guitar and another great Dollyrots power pop punk classic is born.


'Little Medusa' is ushered in on a scream and subtle chugging guitar but, come chorus time, it's badass business as usual as a trademark hook sucker punches you into submission, the EP title making a mischievous appearance in the song's mid-section. Third and (sadly) final track, the wonderfully-titled 'Sweaty Hug My Love', is as bouncy, pop-laced, and bad for your molars as you would hope.

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Leave your winter coat in the cloakroom if you plan on seeing The Dollyrots live in the UK in the coming weeks... and don't forget to brush your teeth afterwards: all the best things are bad for you in some shape or form.....