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Written by Johnny H   
Monday, 25 January 2016 03:40

Ondt BlodOne of the undoubted highlights of my gig calendar towards the closing months of 2015 was witnessing Kvelertak opening for Slayer on their UK tour and leaving a load of new fans (myself included) slack jawed in the process. Their twisted mix of metal and hardcore made an immediate size 10 impact on my psyche, and that’s why whilst I may have been late to the party when it came to those Norwegian misfits I’m probably one of the first in the queue here in the UK for this, the debut album from Kvertak’s fellow countrymen Ondt Blod.


What’s the link? Well apart from both bands being Norwegian they have also shared a few concert stages along the way, and as such I was enthralled to know if this five piece would follow the same musical path.


Well the answer to that million krone question is in fact, yes and no. Yes, because they both sing in their mother tongue (but don’t let that put you off) and it’s also in the affirmative regarding the musical melting pot of metal and hardcore. However where Ondt Blod really differ is that they offer up the hardcore element first and foremost, meaning that whilst ‘Finnmark’ contains 10 tracks its running time is just 29 minutes. In fact one of the immediate comparisons I get when ‘Svarte Daga’ literally explodes from my Wharfdales is that of the Frank Carter lead version of Gallows. The two minutes fifteen seconds the track is my head it’s like a furious fireball of musical intention. Even if I can’t understand a fucking word of what Aslak Heika Hætta Bjørnit is screaming down the microphone, I’m left breathless by the wonderful racket these guys produce, and that folks is pretty much what you can all expect from this record.


‘Nye Lydspor’, the second track on the album, is where things really fall into place though and a sweeping sense of melody pervades over not only this track but most of those that follow. You like gang vocals? ‘Finnmark’ has them by the stadium load. You like guitar riffs that bulldoze the brain? Yup, it has an army of those too. In fact the production of Yngve Andersen (Blood Command, Girl Army) somehow manages to seamlessly take the obvious underlying brutal anger within the band and mix it with a sense of pop, that when you add female vocals, as they do on ‘Brent Jord’ produces something that has me scratching my bald pate wondering just how the fuck it actually all works as one. But work it does, to supreme effect


Look, if you like your music a bit like your BBC4 Saturday night drama then Ondt Blod are the band for you. ‘Finnmark’ is about as fine a debut album you will hear anywhere in 2016.





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