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Written by Ross Welford   
Wednesday, 12 January 2011 05:00

theVeryEnd-mercyAndMiseryGerman thrash metal, Steamhammer/SPV records............................ Got to be pretty good, right??

Having released their debut in 2008, Steamhammer signed them up and from the looks of the professional promo for this disc on myspace, plus all the sponsorship deals, they expect some return. The Very End are being hailed as "the best metal band to come out of Germany in a long time" by Nick Barker, ex-Cradle Of Filth and Dimmu Borgir, and the press release claims they're worthy successors to Kreator and Sodom. Quite a statement I'd suggest? One that does them no favours.

This is modern day thrash with undercurrents of classic rock and hints of blues, certainly not as hardcore or full on as the press release would make you believe (or Kreator and Sodom for that matter) but if you like some melodies with your crunching riffs and like heavy down-tuned guitars within a broad musical landscape, then The Very End will fit nicely.


Opener 'Memento' starts off as Maiden and morphs into thrash with a hint of industrial and that pretty much sums up where the album is going. This is thrash with slight twists laying under each song. 'The Leper' is a commercial hit if pushed, 'Rat Nation' is The Very End in heavy mood but they still manage to incorporate some acoustic twiddling mid song. 'Letters To The Living' hints at Alice In Chains and 'Blacklisted' is the closest they come to plain old thrash metal. The proof that they cover Zep's 'The Immigrant Song' and give us a bonus track of 'Maniac' from the film Flashdance (yes, really ) shows you that this is no ordinary German thrash band.


This showcases a good band with promise and originality but its not quite the thrilling slab of monumental modern thrash that their press office would have you believe.