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Written by Lara Lackie   
Monday, 24 January 2011 05:30

spires176'Never judge a book by its cover', the saying goes, but the first thing to hit me about this album is the incredible artwork which is Giger-esque and simply beautiful. I was also excited to hear this album as Spires are fellow UKers from Manchester and, so often, British metal is overlooked. I was not disappointed. This is one of the best debut albums I've heard in a very long time.


'Spiral Of Ascension' consists of eight incredibly mesmeric, original tracks, all of which are packed full of musical depth. The band say that they have drawn inspiration from bands such as Mastodon, Opeth, Rush and many more but, whilst on occasion similarities to these bands can be drawn, quite simply Spires are unique.


The album opens with 'Equilibrium', an intense, heavy track that initially pushes Spires towards the more death metal genre. But as soon as the album progresses, you quickly realise that there's something deeper about Spires. 'Broken Hourglass' and 'Symmetry' are nothing short of epic. The former being over 13 minutes long but manages to perfectly fluctuate between perfectly clean sections and heavy riffs.


'Spiral of Ascension' is an outstanding album and, as a result, Spires deserve to be huge and I have no doubt that they will be. Easily my metal and progressive album of 2010.