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Written by Marc Leach   
Monday, 02 January 2017 04:00

From our own ashesWhat’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the English city of Liverpool? Naturally, The Beatles should be the top of the list, or the famous Harry Enfield characters ‘The Scousers’. But what if I told you Pearl Jam are from Liverpool? Of course, you would be confused as they’re from the States… However, Liverpool does have a band called Matchstickmen who just before Christmas released an album entitled, ‘From Our Own Ashes,’ which could be mistaken for a new Pearl Jam album.


Straight off the bat the Pearl Jam influence was evident as ‘Wake Up Call’ and ‘Cheap Little Thrill’ kick the album off; and it’s here where the listener is introduced to the Eddie Vedder/Corey Taylor (Stone Sour Corey Taylor) style pipes of lead vocalist Lewis Wright. As the album progresses the songs get more experimental, from bassist Tim Cunningham’s sharp bass licks in ‘For No Reason’ to guitarist Peter Donnelly using a variety of guitar effects, primarily on the track ‘Imperfection’, which in my opinion is the stand out track for this whole album with its wide collection of hard rock riffage.


While the intro tracks mentioned at the beginning of this review kicked this album off to a thunderous start, this reviewer felt this album got slower and slower track by track. Don’t get me wrong, the likes of ‘Different Paths’ and ‘On The Surface’ are strong pieces that help add atmosphere to this release, they were the start of the album’s slower pace until the record’s climax track entitled ‘Numb.’


So, what’s my final thoughts on this album? While this was a good piece of material by the Liverpudlians, it is the album’s final mix that ruined it for me, as it was just awful. For example, the drum mix in particular is the most disappointing as the mix was too flat, which killed ‘Dangerous’ Dave Hornby’s performance throughout this album. It is such a shame as, as stated before, this is a solid piece of work from the guys. Hopefully they can rise “from their own ashes” for their next record.