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Written by Nick Russell   
Friday, 27 January 2017 04:30

Kreator - Gods Of Violence artworkThere aren’t many bands out there that have a pedigree that matches that of German thrashers Kreator.  With five albums released in six years from 1985 to 1990, they helped define a genre, just as much as their more well-known thrash metal cousins from across the water. Fast and technical, they always had a bit of nastiness in there, with their buzzsaw riffing and Mille’s vicious tongue.


Through the years they weren’t afraid to experiment either, especially with the industrial tinged ‘Renewal’ which I really liked, although I drifted away from them with some of their ‘90s and early 2000s outputs. But, from 2005’s superb ‘Enemy Of God’ and the two subsequent albums after that, they have been right back on it, in some cases even better than before. And here we have album number 14, have they still got those thrash chops?


The instrumental opener ‘Apocalypticon’ is a short and grandiose start before the thrash of the very aptly titled ‘World War Now’ kicks in, all fast chugging riffs but managing to sound quite epic, with a superb fast flowing solo. Despite the rather daft title, the double kick drum driven ‘Satan Is Real’ is a slower brooding tune, with a real chug of a riff. ‘Totalitarian Terror’ steps on the thrash gas again, fast riffs to the fore again but with a surprising commercial sensibility to it. The title track starts off acoustically before a nice technical riff comes in. The next song ‘Army Of Storms’ is one of the best tracks on the album, another great thrashing riff, with moments that sound quite Maiden-esq, and you can’t beat a song with good old stop/start riff in it before a traditional big finish, sure to be a live fave.


‘Hail To The Hordes’ is more of a steady chugger, almost Viking metal sounding not unlike Amon Amarth. The speedy riffs return on ‘Lion With Eagle Wings’, sounding like a speeded up Iron Maiden, especially on the chorus. You can’t help but head bang to the slower ‘Fallen Brother’ with its Nordic feel before things speed up again with ‘Side By Side’, a good old fashioned Kreator tune. The album closes in quite a bombastic and epic way, fast riffs, slow riffs, a spoken word segment, a very Pink Floyd-esque solo and a section that sounds like Metallica’s ‘To Live Is To Die’.



Like the new Sepultura record, Jens Borgen’s excellent production here shows why he’s one of the names in metal today. The riffs are sharp, the drums power the songs along and Mille’s vocals are still up there. Yes, the buzzsaw rawness of those early riffs have been replaced with a more polished feel but they still thrash like a bastard. And with the way the world is today, the lyrics could be from those late 80’s as much as they are from 2017.


Another great metal release, as with quite a few of their peers, Kreator show that whilst they may be seen as grandfathers of the thrash scene, they can still show those young whippersnappers a thing a two.


The flag of hate is flying high as ever.


‘Gods Of Violence’ is released today.


Kreator’s European tour, with Sepultura, Soilwork and Aborted, kicks off in France on Wednesday (1 February), and hits the UK and Ireland on the following dates:


Tuesday 28 February – Manchester, O2 Academy

Wednesday 1 March – Dublin, Vicar Street

Thursday 2 March – London, O2 Forum