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Written by David O'Neill   
Friday, 15 September 2017 04:00

Black Stone Cherry - Black To BluesMy favourite Kentucky boys are at it again!


Damn, I lurrve BSC - and this does nothing but cement them as one of my favourite bands. Having seen them at least once on all of their UK tours since ‘Between The Devil…’ and now, they can do no wrong in my eyes. OK, essentially an EP of six of their favourite blues recording artists from Muddy Waters to Freddie and Albert King, this is unashamedly a tribute to some of the greatest blues artists of the 20th century.


It starts off with a Muddy Waters track that I could claim as my theme tune: ‘Built For Comfort’ - a phrase I have frequently used to describe cuddly ol’ me. Chris Robertson’s voice suits this style of music superbly – and, as a lot of their tracks have blues origins, you really shouldn’t be surprised.


The guitar work of Ben Wells continues to be superbly supported by the drum work of John Fred Young and the deep driving basslines of Jon Lawhon. Meanwhile Chris Robertson’s guitar work readily complements that of Wells.


‘Champagne And Reefers’ returns BSC to their musical relationship with ‘Mary Jane’. Lawhon’s bassline on the Freddie King track ‘Place Of The King’ drives it along and gets you right in the gut. But, once again, that is the way he plays his instrument every time I’ve seen them.


‘Hoochie Coochie Man’ carries on in the same style of bass/drum driven blues and some superb blues guitar breaks. Albert Kings’ ‘Born Under A Bad Sign’ continues in the same style, but has been “Cherry-fied” in similar style to the other tracks, while retaining the original intention and meaning of the original tracks.


Muddy Waters’ ‘I Want To Be Loved’ wraps up the “Cherry-fying” of their tour through some classic blues tracks. I can see these going down a storm with their fans on their next tour, with the introduction of two or three into very show at an appropriate time.


I absolutely love it, and if we did the “scores on the doors” type thing, I would award it 9/10 (there’s not enough tracks for it to get the full10). Another one of BSC’s releases to add to my collection, and I would absolutely love to see these guys doing Steelhouse next year (go on, you know you want to - you ALWAYS start your tours in Wales!).


‘Black To Blues’ is released on 29 September. You can get your copy HERE.


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