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Written by Ben Hughes   
Friday, 05 January 2018 04:00

Doll Hazard artworkapproved image lrg 2013“Norwegian sleazegrinder meets Canadian bubblepunk master, in a trashy, ten track collision of retro inspired spunky glunk.” I can see the headline in pink neon now! That’s a statement to introduce the debut album from Suicide Bombers frontman Chris Damien Doll and Dirtbag Republic mainman Sandy Hazard for ya!


With both singers having albums with their own bands to promote in 2017 (Dirtbag Republic's ‘Downtown Eastside’ and Suicide Bombers' ‘Suicide Idols’) it’s no wonder this is a project that has been 24 months in the making, over a distance of 4,500miles.  ‘Transatlantic Meltdown’ features Doll handling guitars and bass, Hazard pounding the skins, and the duo both taking it in turns to sneer and spit into the mic.


What we have is a ten track, sleazy, rock ‘n’ roll love affair that mixes up our two main protagonists’ influences. From Hanoi and The Dolls, onto Cooper and the Crue, Hazard and Doll leave no stone unturned and make no bones about where it’s at.


Take opener ‘Cat Got Your Tongue’, with its pilfered Faster Pussycat riff and dirtball vocalisin’ from Hazard, over a rumbling bass line. Not so much wearing their collective influences on their sleeves, more like flaunting them from their crotches for all to see! I mean, this could of sat on Dirtbag Republic’s ‘Downtown Eastside’ nicely, as could the following Hazard penned ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Prostitute’, a de-generated tale of destruction , from someone who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks.


As for the Doll penned-material, it gets dirtier and greasier, in a biker rock sorta way. ‘No Valentine Cards’ could be a Steevi James track hands down! From the ‘Cat On A Hot Tin Roof’ style opening riff to the insanely catchy, dumb-ass, glam-slam chorus. Holy shit! Is it 1990 once again people? I love this song way more than I should. ‘Walk On Water’ could again, as with many Hazard led tunes, fit nicely on any Michael Monroe solo album and that is a compliment. Something’s going down on ‘21 Grams (Off My Shoulders’), its Faster Pussycat meets DAD, that’s what’s cookin’ tonight.



The pair even get some balladry together on the heartfelt ‘Doghouse’ with its cool, yet sleazy guitar refrain and tinkles on the battered old ivories for good measure gives a Monroe meets The Dogs vibe. Biker punk album closer ‘Sci-Fi Child’ is Zodiac Mindwarp meets Sigue Sigue Sputnik, now if you don’t want that sonically seductive mix in your ears, then you’re reading the wrong page methinks!


If you like plenty of glunk in your trunk and can handle songwriting that gives us choruses with as much depth as Star Star’s ‘The Love Drag Years’, then dive right in, this fucker is for you! Doll Hazard promise nothing more than a good time and if you ain’t got nuthin’ to do, you could do no better than join the party. With both singers bringing something of their own to the table and the slightly different vocal styles, ‘Transatlantic Meltdown’ is not surprisingly a good mix of both the singers day jobs and frankly a more diverse offering than either have produced so far.


‘Transatlantic Meltdown’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.


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