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Written by Phil Cooper   
Friday, 12 January 2018 04:20

Worry Blast artworkWith the passing of the giant that was AC/DC, there has been a rock ‘n’ roll void that many bands have endeavoured to fill. The likes of Airbourne being arguably the most commercially successful band to form from the hard-rocking mould.  The Swiss four-piece Worry Blast have been working away in the background since their debut album in 2013 and have been producing some of the heaviest riff orientated rock ’n’ roll to an ever increasing fanbase. Courtesy of several main support slots with the likes of Scorpions and Nashville Pussy, Worry Blast have been able to consistently promote themselves to far reaching audiences over the last few years.  Now with the release of their third album, ‘.44’ they look set to capitalise on what they have already achieved and spread their sound even further.


‘Outta Nowhere’ kicks the album off, opening with a quote from ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ before a slick distorted blues riff comes in. It’s a song structure and sound taken straight from the hard rock 101 recipe book. Sounding powerful and tight it could easily be mistaken for an ACDC cover. Big, distorted guitar chords, powerhouse rhythm section and high vocals with full band harmonies are the order of the day and set the tone for the following album. The up tempo ‘Dirty Mind’ is impossible to not stamp your foot to with its freight train like rhythm. Big vocal harmonies form the chorus sections adding a touch of the 80s LA metal scene to the mix.


The title track opens with a call and response blues lick before opening out into the full-blown band sound. The dynamics shift well between verse and chorus sections to keep the sound interesting and flowing, with the kick drum and vocal breakdown suitably building the track to a guitar solo crescendo. The tone for the whole album is well and truly set by this point, this is a no holds barred hard rocking offering. There’s plenty of gems to be found further on from the likes of the drivingly powerful blues laced ‘Heartbreak’ with its delayed guitar intro and the out and out party anthem of ‘Drink It All’.


It’s a highly infectious album that offers a lot in terms of genuinely fun hard rock.  However, it could potentially turn some people away as it has quite clearly followed the ACDC school of rock formula.  The chord progressions and solo patterns, the innuendo lyrics and hammer down rhythm section are all very familiar. It could lead to some saying why listen to this when I have an ACDC album, there is nothing innovative or original on ‘.44’. Even the song titles, ‘Hot ‘n’ Ready’, ‘We Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll’ along with those previously mentioned are all phrases and titles that sound like they’ve gone before. With that all being said, this is still a cracking album. Yes, the content may come across as tried and tested, but it works.  It’s well played and well presented.  The overall mix of the album works so that each instrument gets its own space yet still blends to present a cohesive wall of sound.


The musicianship is excellent and clearly, they’re a band that knows how to work together.  Far from sounding like a thinly veiled tribute act, Worry Blast pull of the hard rock sound and certainly prove why they’ve achieved the sizeable following they have, ‘.44’ should lead to that expansion throughout 2018.


‘.44’ Is released on 19 January.




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