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Written by Allan Maxwell   
Tuesday, 09 January 2018 04:00

Deuce Invincible AlbumCover 1First known as one of the founding members of Hollywood Undead before being kicked out of / leaving the band in early 2010, Portland-based LA raised Deuce has since been making a name for himself alongside his crew 9lives. December 2017 saw the release of his second full-length album ‘Invincible’.


The album consists of 14 hip hop charged tracks laced with rock undertones not too dis-similar to the former band who he found fame with. Each track cuts with seemingly personal scathing lyrics. Half of the album was written in his home town of L.A, the other in his current home Portland. Both cities influence Deuce in different ways. The emotions portrayed in the tracks written in L.A. are angrier than the laid-back styles of the ones written in Portland. You can easily figure out which songs were written where.


Track after track there is a fire infused within the lyrics and every sing features catchy hooks which are perfect for drawing in your audience. This is a cross over album which will be sure to catch the attention of both Rock fans and Hip Hop fans alike. There is no denying that Deuce was a driving force behind the early Hollywood Undead material. ‘Invincible’ takes you back to those days where the music was rawer, not a polished machine churning out hit records to please a label boss. This is an album which is written from the heart of a man who has been up and down over the years and can be heard in every lyric.


‘Invincible’ is out now.


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