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Written by Mark Ashby   
Wednesday, 24 January 2018 04:20

greyfell coverapproved image lrg 2013There are albums that are heavy. And then there are albums that are HEAVY.


This second offering from French psychedelic doomsters Greyfell most definitely falls into the second category. Darker than a forest at midnight, and more crushing than a concrete block being dropped off the top of a tower block, ‘Horsepower’ is a gloomily illuminating, atmospheric and haunting slice of powerful, unromantic and hyperbolae-defying slab of epic wonderfulness that is as hypnotic as it is disturbing.


Drawing as much from the spaced-out brainwashes of Hawkwind as it does from the heavy riffery of Sabbath, the sweeping soundscapes of Kyuss and the sludge-infused density of Sleep, ‘Horsepower’ has a sound that is huge on every level, from the massive bass riffs through the glorious atmospherics to the hypnotic vocal patterns that draw you deeper and deeper into the complexity and intricacy of the five tracks. Because, while this album is brutally heavy in places, it is permeated with a lightness of touch that dusts that concrete block with a feather: dense rhythms are beautifully counterpointed with sublimely deft touches that swirl around the tunes’ darkest recesses and pull them inexorably into your inner aural consciousness with the precision of the most skilled surgeon.


The cornerstone of ‘Horsepower’ most definitely is the absolutely massive bass sound, which dominates without being overly dominant, propelling the songs forward with a restrained fury that now and again erupts, before ebbing back and adding subtle little sidewinders of subtle esoterica, such as on the majestic ‘No Love’ and the titanic closer ‘King Of Xenophobia’. The result is an album that is challenging, cathartic and utterly mesmeric.


‘Horsepower’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.


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