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Written by DJ Astrocreep   
Thursday, 25 January 2018 04:40

Witcvhcryer artworkapproved image lrg 2013Female fronted old school doom outfit Witchcryer, from Austin, Texas, released their debut album ‘Cry Witch’ in May 2017, before its worldwide release last month.


Straight from the off, there are definite nods to Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus and Deep Purple with heavy riffs and enough distorted fuzz to make you grow a Geezer Butler 70s 'tache and beard just by listening to it. Add in front woman Suzy Bravo's almost scornful yet psychedelic sounding vocals - think Stevie Nicks in ‘Gold Dust Woman’ meets Jefferson Airplane's Grace Slick and you'll get the gist of it.


There is a hint of menace in tracks like ‘Ma Kali’, which still have their subtle side in addition, showing quite a complex style of sing writing, with a very Black Sabbath like multiple riffs in each song, which is not something I am wont to say too often. Even tracks like ‘Embryo’, which feature heavily distorted vocals and a liberal dollop of the Sabbath song of the same name add a lot of depth to the album, showing the versatility of the band, as well as showing the ability of each individual member in turn.



The pace differs slightly through the album, from the quicker early tracks, through the slow, mainly instrumental ‘Embryo’ to something in-between. The sound veers well along the line of ‘70s psychedelic and the doom like qualities of some bands of the era, which is helped again by the vocal range of Suzy, highlighting her ability to go between psych and hard rock tones. In addition to the ‘Embryo’ adaptation, there is a cover of Witchfinder General's song of the same name, which is very well ported into their sound.


It probably sounds like I'm gushing and in all honesty, I am. This album has gripped me from the first track until the very end. There is not a single bad track on it, which is some going for a debut release. Adding in all the different nods, the different feels, there is a broader range and an obvious willingness to try different things from the outset, rather than find a need to experiment later or deviate from a sound set.


In short, an incredible first release which is already in my top albums for the year. This is an absolute must have in your collection if you have even a vague interest in hard rock, psych or doom. Ignore this release to your own detriment.


‘Cry Witch’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.




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