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Written by DJ Astrocreep   
Friday, 26 January 2018 04:00

Ozone Mama artwork‘Cosmos Calling’ is the third full album from Budapest based psych/stoner band Ozone Mama. It's a common thing in the last couple of years to see bands describe themselves as psych/stoner, as the market for such has grown, whilst the sound of the band sounds barely akin to anything of the genre. While there is a lot to be said for doing something different/experimental, there are too many that simply do not create anything which is really fitting for either genre. It's nice to say, for once, that this is not the case here, as although some of the songs veer towards southern rock - which is no bad thing in itself - there is a definite stoner vibe to a lot of the tracks.


The band list The Black Crowes amongst their liked artists, which is clear to see in the likes of title track ‘Cosmos Calling’, which sounds like it could be written by TBC themselves. Think of ‘Remedy’-era Black Crowes, with their anthemic, laid-back feel and you will get the right kind of idea. While the linked song is not from this album, as I can't find one currently that is, it gives the kind of feel you can expect from much of this, plus a live version to give a proper appreciation of the talent and style of this band.


The album starts off with a mainly instrumental scene setter in ‘Evil Ways’, which sounds like it came straight from India with sitar psych sounds aplenty, before getting straight into a southern rock sounding track than a stoner song, immediately demonstrating the different capabilities of the band. There are some clever hooks and strong riffs aplenty in third track ‘Doppelganger’, with the album progressing in much the same manner.



Ozone Mama have already won several awards in their homeland of Hungary, namely for best Hungarian hard rock/metal album in 2016 for their previous effort, along with Newcomer Of The Year in 2012, which shows how well they are thought of at home. This particular one, to me, suggests they are now ready to step up on to the more ferocious international circuit and that they have every chance of holding their own and punching their way with the big boys.


This is a fantastic album, with great production and one I will be giving many repeat listens to. If you like your blues soaked ‘70s psych, with a liberal sprinkling of modern Stoner, this is an album and a band you should definitely pay big attention to.


‘Cosmos Calling’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.




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