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Written by Dom Daley   
Friday, 26 January 2018 04:20

The Cops artworkHouston, we have a problem.  The Cops are coming, and this time they're not munching donuts and being a law unto themselves: they're a fully-fledged punk rock force and this is their First Offense, m'lud.


Lo-fi punk rock is what The Cops perform, and justice ‘n’ life is what they sing about.  Sure, they've got samples of police sirens and sing about 'Homicide' – damn, they even wear uniforms live, which might get tired after a few years. But, then, 'Life On The Beat' has attitude and, to be fair, just rocks like fuck: if that's a crime, then cuff me now. 


'Street Hooker Love' has melody and is catchy as it buzzes by like these guys were paying attention when listening to the Ramones. But, hold on to your hats there's more going on here apart from the thread of police life running through every title here: 'Police Brutality' has a great Hot Snakes edge going on as it thrashes like a good until it gets to the end.


'Night Stick' keeps up the pace and, to be fair, what’s not to like? You can have 101 puns at the ready for this album’s review, like a big, thick 12 inches of 'Night Stick' will satisfy anyone who is looking for a dose of no-nonsense punk with its tongue in its cheek, as it kicks out the jams track after track.  We're not breaking any new ground here folks, but it’s honest, good time punk rock ‘n’ roll nothing - more nothing less: 11 songs in 23 minutes is just about on the money. 


Dee Dee would have been proud to pen 'Repeat Offender' and CJ would have been proud to sing it.  In fairness, all that's missing is some subtle horn honking to take some of these to the next level, but that's what I'm not hearing. I'd bet these are a hoot live and that's where the magic takes place.


It's a fair Cop, guv… I've enjoyed listening to this album, no doubt about it, and as far as first offences goes, this is not bad at all. Now where’s my donuts? Let's take this back in for another round of questioning.


‘First Offense’ is released on 16 February. You can get your copy HERE.


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