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Written by Ben Hughes   
Monday, 29 January 2018 04:00

Amyl Sniffers artworkYou may well have heard about a band with a female singer being touted as “the next big thing” for 2018 in certain circles...well this is not about that band! That band is from LA and goes by the name of Starcrawler (who you can read about elsewhere on Über Rock very soon). Well, what LA can do, Australia can do better, bolder, dirtier and with more aggression.


Take four housemates with mullets, moustaches and bad dress sense. Take a foxy singer with a voice like Polly Styrene on crack and the looks of Debbie Harry meets Hazel O’Connor and you get a recipe for rock ‘n’ roll. Add to that a handful of songs written on a diet of AC/DC, Dolly Parton and Die Antwood, bashed out at a breakneck pace by a band who were born to lose and you have a whole lotta shake appeal.


Amyl And The Sniffers have two EPs to their name: Their debut, ‘Giddy Up’ was apparently written, recorded and released within 12 hours of the band forming. The follow up EP ‘Big Attraction’ followed in February 2017. One thing’s for certain: Amy Taylor (vocals), Dec Martins (guitar), Gus Romer (Bass) and Bryce Williams (Drums) do not fuck about! This release collects those two EPs together for the first time on vinyl and proves to be one of the essential punk rock releases of the year already.


Opener ‘I’m A Loser’ begins with a false start and a shout of “one-two-free...” in pure, raw, punk rock style. Featuring a killer gang vocal chorus, the sort that has not been heard since Towers Of London first crashed on to the scene. It will have you singing along on first listen, what a beautiful racket they make!



In pure Ramones style, each three chord wonder tune is over in a flash, with most barely hitting the two-minute mark. The likes of ‘Blowjobs’ and ‘Mole (Sniff Sniff)’ are short, sharp shocks to the system. In fact the whole record clocks in at just over 17 minutes, job done. ‘Balaclava Lover Boogie’ is an epic in Sniffers terms, clocking in at just over three and a half minutes. A stabby, Strokes-like riff introduces a song with a hypnotic intensity that rival The Stooges at their finest. Amy’s ear-splitting, helium vocals cutting through the garage rock grooves laid down by her band of bruthas.


‘Westgate’ starts with a killer groove, a gutter level slice of trash, a wall of riffs and snotty vocals. Every time I hear it, for a moment, I think it’s their best song, but it’s not. ‘70’s Street Munchies’ might take that spot; it’s perfect in every way. It’s so 70’s punk you can almost smell the sweat and the studded leather, it’s as retro as a pint of Snakebite and a splash of Old Spice. “And I’m wearing my favourite sweataaahhh” she snarls, you gotta love it!


While the six track ‘Big Attraction’ is the stronger of the two EPs, the four tracks of ‘Giddy Up’ are just as good. Yes, it may have been recorded in a matter of hours, but these tracks capture the raw, unadulterated energy of garage level punk at its finest. ‘Caltex Cowgirl’ takes things down, Hole-esque with a lightly strummed guitar, as Amy croons like Courtney used to. Then, the bass driven ‘Mandalay’ comes on like a female fronted Rancid, with a cool as you like raspy vocal drawl yet again from Amy.


X-Ray Spex meets The Pistols, The Stooges meets Blondie, call them what you like, but Amyl And The Sniffers are a trashy, flashy delight that sing about blowjobs, stolen pushbikes and sniffing moles or something, and they are rapidly becoming my favourite new band. They are the dirt under the fingernails of the fist, fighting all that is beige in the music industry and the sort of band we need right now.


The fact that this Melbourne-based band take their name from a bottle of something that gives an intense but short-lived high is no coincidence. They may well get you excited, they want you to get loose and they want you to get rowdy and this long player will induce all those feelings you desire from a rock ‘n’ roll band. Their debut long player is in the can and by the time you read this, they will have supported the Foo Fighters in their native soil. The world is theirs for the taking, dare you join the ride?


‘Big Attraction’/’Giddy Up’ is released on 16 February. You can get your copy HERE.


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