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Written by Jim Rowland   
Tuesday, 30 January 2018 04:00

Druid Lord artworkThe first thing that strikes you about ‘Grotesque Offerings’, the second album from Florida’s Druid Lord, is the stunning artwork that adorns the cover – rarely has artwork been more appropriate for an album’s title. But does the music live up to the artwork, and just how grotesque are Druid Lord’s offerings?


Well it’s not the most grotesque album I’ve ever heard, but it’s up there. Druid Lord take inspiration from old school horror films, as well as old school death metal and doom pioneers like Possessed, Autopsy, Candlemass and Black Sabbath. The result, perhaps not surprisingly, is a perfect fusion of death metal, mostly in the vocal department, and doom, mostly in the music department, with songs brimming with horror-inspired subject matter. Even the voice of the Lord of Misrule himself, Christopher Lee, makes an appearance via a snippet of dialogue from an early 70’s ‘Count Dracula’ film on ‘Spells Of The Necromancer’, an eerie intro to the monstrous ‘Evil That Haunts This Ground’.


The likes of ‘Night Gallery’, ‘Black Candle Seance’, ‘Creature Feature’, ‘Murderous Mr. Hyde’ and ‘Last Drop Of Blood’ are fairly lengthy slices of slow, crushing doom providing the soundtrack to Tony Blakk’s growling lyrical landscapes of horror, gore, pain and death. Opener ‘House Of Dripping Gore’ is an eight-minute disturbing epic of huge proportions which, along with ‘Evil That Haunts This Ground’ adds a progressive element to the album, shifting tempos and atmospheres. ‘Spells Of The Necromancer’, ‘Into The Crypt’ and ‘Final Resting Place’ provide respite from the relentless crushing doom and death with shorter atmospheric interludes that could have come direct from the soundtrack of numerous classic horror flicks.


‘Grotesque Offerings’ is indeed a grotesque and horrific fusion of horror-inspired doom and death that will do a little bit more than go bump in the night.


‘Grotesque Offerings’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.




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