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Written by Ross Welford   
Friday, 27 January 2012 05:15

downsiid-11Good Uber Rocking people, with hints of Papa Roach and Limp Bizkit not only have Downsiid recorded an album that reminds us that nu-metal deserved its place at the rock and metal table but they've added their own twists to the formula to make 'Life Of Lies' an iPod burning, metal strutting cacophony of noise that needs to be played.......and played loud.
Looking more American than a Miami Vice extra, this bunch of Texans start as they mean to go on with the first single and video, 'Not With Me', their catchiness and quality immediate (sounding not too distant from Soil's 'Halo'). 'Bullet Hits The Skin' is when you start realising that this Roy Z engineered and produced album might just be something worth checking out. Apparently a metaphor for the shit hitting the fan, this track delivers the emotion and energy that Papa Roach excel at and is one of the great tracks on here. Jason 'String' Atwood's vocal range is impressive and he's a more than capable singer and is able to move from classic rock right through to rap and angst without once failing to sound anything other than a top drawer frontman.


DJ Akira rears his turntable on 'We Can Get Out' and it seems totally in place and justified. 'Placebo', 'Myspace Police' and the title track are top songs that contain still more quality and you realise that although they blur the edges of different styles of rock, they bridge that gap between Linkin Park non-metal cool and the youthful discontent of Slipknot with ease and that must surely open an opportunity for a wider audience?
The fact that they can change direction whilst still being fully focused is a bonus as Downsiid show another side to their character in classic rock style ballad 'Part Of You'. The only time I have to question them is on the track 'Pole Dancer' - You'd have thought that a track with that title would be a winner and it's not a bad song - the problem lies in the fact that it is a full blown RnB track, the sort of thing more akin to Usher or Snoop Dog. I don't really need it in my life but maybe I'm just being a bit pedantic or close minded? Add to that a blistering cover of the '80s Prince classic 'When Doves Cry' and you'll be shrieking like a battered pigeon trying to recreate the genius of the original and Downsiid's very own, heavier version.
Downsiid are a big sounding band just waiting for that heavy rotation on TV and radio to take them to the masses. The purists might not like it but one thing is for sure though, they're a great addition to my rock and metal iPod.