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Written by Dom Daley   
Saturday, 02 January 2010 14:56

1wolfuseThis new collection of the band's favourite songs gets a 'Gig Only' release and, in fairness, for a tenner how good is it to hear these eighteen tracks remastered by Jase and Jeff themselves?!


'Howling Mad Shitheads' kicks off with the steam train that is 'Loco', with a flurry of double bass patter and the familiar licks and tricks from Jase Edwards's axe, this fine and dandy tune chugs, or rather sprints, full tilt to 'Manhunt' and you get the picture here that Wolfsbane had a cannon of songs that twenty years ago had them as contenders and rightly so, the Tamworth metal bastudz. 


I first became aware of their music when I caught a Tommy Vance session (which I still have ) that had their strongest songs in the wonderfully catchy 'I Like It Hot' and 'Paint The Town Red'. An essential gig purchase this and, on reflection, the Wolfsbane star certainly didn't shine as bright as it should but thems the breaks, kids.


Track down a copy if you can, it is well worth a tenner to hear the towering 'Kathy Wilson' and the much underrated 'Want Me All The Time'. Ending with their take on the Springsteen classic 'Born To Run', 'Howling Mad Shitheads' is exactly how I remember these guys - metal as fuck and proud of it, as am I to own such a fine slab of...um....well, plastic.  \m/


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