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Written by Johnny H   
Friday, 29 January 2010 07:13

Lions_Let_No_One_FallWhen I first got hold of this six track EP from Austin, Texas rockers Lions, I spent quite some time trying to get my head around exactly where the band was trying to be musically.  I mean, one-minute you're thinking that's surely Stephen Pearcy singing for Soundgarden, and then the next you're scratching your head wondering when was it exactly that Angry Anderson joined Jane's Addiction? 


It is also this magical mystery ingredient that makes Lions and in particular this EP just so god damn vibrant and sonically colourful. 'Let No One Fall' proudly defies labelling or pigeonholing into any neatly compartmentalised scene, keeping you guessing and glued to the edge of your seats throughout its entire twenty something minutes running time.


It's not very often that bands manage to straddle genres with their own unique take on rock, but Lions do just that right from the off with the perfect quick fire opener 'Gimme Riot' all the way through to the equally frenetic 'Big Bad' that closes things with equally effortless charm.


Close your eyes and this is the sound that Velvet Revolver just might have conjured up if they could have simply let the music do the talking rather than having one eye on commercial success, and worrying about what the newspapers might say.


Of the other tracks on offer here, 'Blown Away' is a swaggering tower of monolithic riffing, whilst 'Poster Child' is a guttural roar of frustration and rebellion.  'In Your Head' meanwhile is where Lions' singer guitarist Matt D doffs his cap to that certain bald headed frontman who once prowled a Thunderdome somewhere down under.  'In Your Head' in particular perfectly highlights Matt's gritty edged vocal delivery, which for me is certainly the band's absolute USP.


It's left to 'Screaming Out' to thunder it's bass line all over your brain before the aforementioned 'Big Bad' takes you on a just short of three minute rocket ride to planet freak out and it's all over way too quickly. This is certainly breathless stuff, and the repeat button demands to be left on.


The quality that abounds throughout these tracks should certainly see the band gaining new fans in their legions very soon as they take this baby out on the road sometime soon.


So, if you're like me and 2010 has got off to something of a flat start musically, then Lions will be the perfect pick me up that you need.  In fact you can try this EP out for free at ReverbNation right now, all you have to do is sign up and all this great music is simply a mouse click away. 


Just remember 'real music' needs you right now, and Lions are most definitely what I call 'real music', so go out and get 'Let No One Fall' and let this fucker rattle your ribcage, you'll love it, I promise you.