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Written by Matt Phelps   
Sunday, 31 January 2010 15:16

1ablazeIron man or iron hoof ? Does Blaze Bayley's latest bash deserve a big break or does he lack the balls to bang about with the big boys in 2010?


It's been over ten years since the greatest band known to man cast aside the services of the Tamworth Terror to make way for the return of the fabulous fencing chimp. Since then the double B has slowly carved out quite a niche for himself on the world's live circuit. A road dog from the old school, he's sweat blood, belief and tears on stages from here to eternity and most places inbetween. He's seen more triumphs than a motorcycle salesman but also been dealt some devastating tragedies. Through it all he's released consistently strong albums, never faultering from the heavy metal cause no matter what cards life has dealt his way. With 'Promise And Terror' Blaze Bayley is grabbing the world by the throat and letting everyone know there's still life in the old wolf yet!


Album opener 'Watching The Night Sky' is a fast paced cruncher with a distinct 'Futureal' feel. 'Madness And Sorrow' keeps up with the fast pace of the opener if not topping it in the fast riffing, ass kicking, skull splitting stakes. Wolfsbane cohort Jase Edwards is the man with both hands gripped firmly on the production knobs for this one, and he's given 'Promise And Terror' an extremely crisp, almost refreshing, sound compared to the previous albums which I always found sounded like there was something dark lurking in the shadows. This album is out, unleashed and barking in your face from the off.


There's also some epic pieces of metal on here; '1633', 'City Of Bones' and 'Letting Go Of The World' all clocking in at over six minutes showing that the years spent reclining in the granduer of Iron Maiden have certainly left their mark. But it's the rapid fire of the shorter songs where this album really shines. 'Faceless'? You will be once you've heard this, the sonic assault flying full tilt from the speakers is sure to strip the flesh of anyone getting to close to the stage when this bastard gets the live treatment.


'Surrounded By Sadness' stands out for being the only real ballad here. Beautifully captured acoustics slowly building the power back up for the seamless transition into 'The Trace Of Things That Have No Words'. As the album closes with the demonically atmospheric 'Comfortable In Darkness' you're left wondering how Blaze didn't make this album years ago. He's just turned in the album of his career ... so far. If you're one of those idiots who judge Bayley's work solely by comparing his voice to Dickinson's or Di'Anno's then you really are nothing short of fucking moronic. For those of you who understand just what REAL heavy metal is all about then I guarantee you that 'Promise And Terror' will be gracing your decks for years to come.


Check out the exclusive album snippets available on Blaze Bayley's myspace and you to will be enthralled by this vision of  'Promise And Terror', better still get out there and buy it!!!!