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Written by Dom Daley   
Friday, 11 January 2013 02:00

crazy squeezeRight from the top, ladies and Gents, The Crazy Squeeze is nothing short of a power poppin' Glunk master class, and featuring members of The Stitches, Superbees, Teenage Frames and The Richmond Sluts, no less.  


Squeezing thirteen huge slabs of rock 'n' fuckin' roll onto this here album is almost too generous. 'All Lies' gets this train a rollin' and with hints of the early Damned we're off to a cracking start with a meaty guitar lick and a catchy chorus this is an impressive introduction.  'C'mon 'n' Dance' is a furious slab of power pop with edge that smacks of their glorious influences. Not copying rather mainlining them to absorb rather than imitate, subtle piano, "oo-oohs" for backing vocals - I'm a liking this right from the off and so should you folks, it's the monkeys nuts.


'Sexual Activity Girl' has one creeper on The Best of the Boys and the other wedged nicely between The Cute Lepers and The New York Fucking Dolls. Catchy and fresh (in an old school kinda way)! The theme is carried on for the next couple of tunes with their rapid pace yet catchy and breezy melodies. They sound like a band who would be absolutely killer on the live circuit. A comparison I could make would be Leeds' finest Cyanide Pills.


'Something On My Mind' has something of a dreamy quality to it as the band kick back and usher in a '70s T. Rex vibe complete with handclaps. Maybe something for fans of The Biters to check out?


Just over halfway they let the cat out of the bag with a blistering homage to Mr Plain with a knockout romp through 'Terminal Love' complete with the name check to the greats who've shuffled off this mortal coil whilst incorporating 'Knocking On Heaven's Door' just like The Boys did. These boys have class and pedigree too and getting Mr Plain to play lead guitars is the cherry on the icing. Keeping the good times-a-rollin', 'Boys Are Gonna Be Here Soon' follows quickly on the heels with more power pop - sounding like the soundtrack to one of the best parties ever!


'Outta My Head' is like Mott The Hoople having a glunk-off with The Heartbreakers whilst 'Nasty' almost brings the house down with some mean piano plonking before 'I Need A Witness' rock and rollers this album to a climatic close sounding like AC/DC if they were still a boogie woogie rock and roll band with a sense of humour and catchy choruses.


It might be a daft old name but Crazy Squeeze close the CD off with the band's name and the album's title. Yeah 'Crazy Squeeze' is a-happenin' chaps and chapesses and sounding a little like Nikki Sudden when he could cut loose, this is one mighty fine album from start to finish or top to bottom (if you prefer) and one I'd certainly recommend to anyone with a pulse and more than five cool albums in their collection, because if you buy this you'll be the proud owner of a sixth cool album because this isn't just good or cool it's positively arctic!


A Rock 'n' Roll record that's having itself a real good time and showing the listener that there are still bands out there who can write great tunes and when they were in Rock and Roll High School they obviously were listening and as a result shoot right to approved image lrg 2013the top of the class!