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Written by Dom Daley   
Thursday, 10 January 2013 03:30

vultures unitedAnother day another download from good old Baldy. One thing I can guarantee is if it's on Baldy Longhair then it's on my radar, and with this latest release I'm on it like a rabid dog.  


Vultures United is the name and releasing 7" vinyl (6 songs, 1 exclusive track, 3 different colors), CD (10 tracks, 1 exclusive track) and Cassette Tape/Download (11 tracks, 2 exclusive tracks) originally recorded by the ladeez is an inspired move, the choice of tunes an often brave and broad choice.  


Out of the various formats I'm loving the eleven tracks on offer some more than others (obviously) and a few I've heard the originals and loved them, and more surprisingly some I was familiar with and didn't like have now been recorded in a way that brings them to life and have become firm favourites.  


First up 'That's Not My Name' is given the hardcore treatment by these Southern Californian punks and whilst it has more in common with the mighty Dwarves version everyone will have been driven to drink via the Ting Tings doing it big time in the singles charts of the world. It's one of those infuriatingly catchy little ditties and Vultures United have just about nailed it in an early Faith No More kind of way when they were half decent - when Chuck was singing for them. The delivery and execution is top notch. Next they tackle Best Coasts 'Summer Mood' and rough it up and speed it up but retain the melody and somehow manage to turn it into a bruising encounter that again hits the spot.


Shelley Duvall singing the soppy 'He Needs Me' is one thing: a bunch of so-cal bruisers twisting my melon is something else! I did have a mental image of them dressing up as Popeye in the studio with a pipe and huge biceps as they embark on the break down but again I find myself loving their vision and kicking the shit out of this twisted love song is the work of genius. Next up is the weird and wonderful world of Bjork and 'Army Of Me' gets the hardcore treatment. Okay, so they keep in the weird static keyboard noise but add some monster riffage and take the pedestrian Bjork version to a new level that has a hint of Fugazi and No Means No going on which is all good in my book.


To keep it contemporary they also do a fine take on the Yeah Yeah Yeah tune 'Turn In To' and chug the fuck out of it at a great uptempo take and I only hope they have better hair cuts than Karen O and the rest of her band (having checked out their website so you don't have to you can take it from me it's a close run thing......not really folks).


What covers album based around the ladies would be complete without the recently departed Poly Styrene's 'Oh Bondage Up Yours' and whilst it isn't as good as the original it's a pretty decent take and they've managed to do the tune proud.  


To close out this mightily impressive release we have the uplifting and quite sweet take on 'These Days' originally released by Nico and written by her then boyfriend Mr Jackson Browne. Having dispensed of the rough guitar they have indeed cracked open the acoustic guitars and gone for a Weezer style take and boy does it work - quite simply the best cover version of the year and the group vocals works majestically and is a great way to sign off the record. I know different versions carry different tracks, if you were asking me I'd point you towards the cassette/download version.


Whilst it might not be an essential purchase it's certainly a very entertaining one and worth checking out and hearing how a bunch of hairy blokes interpret something from the ladies and pretty much nail it each time. Head over to Baldy's and grab yourself a copy. It just goes to prove a good song is a good song no matter what the gender that sings it is. For volume two might I suggest some Betty Blowtorch, Joan Jett, Texas Terri, Wendy O Williams and perhaps a Spice Girls tune just to hear them kick the shit out of it. Vultures United's first eleven is definitely top of the league.