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Written by Dom Daley   
Saturday, 08 February 2014 03:20

scannercoverThree-piece from Pennsylvania release punk rock record thirty five years too late! So, Scanner were formed in '79 and here's my problem: Opening your record with Rebellion Festival's most played PA tune, the seminal punk rock anthem that is the mighty 'Sonic Reducer', leaves you with nowhere to go. No matter how good (or bad) the version is. For the record this version isn't the worst I've heard but neither is it the best and I'm at a loss why any band would open a record with it.


Sure Scanner cite some very decent bands as their influences, and on the second tune, 'It's A War', they have a passable style and sound. 'Pornography' has a nod of the head to the DKs as it plods along. To be fair there isn't anything wrong with the tunes and the playing is decent it's just missing that little X factor: if it's all about three mates having a blast and recording songs they wrote three decades ago then cool, fill yer boots. But to compete with other bands for people's hard earned money it's a tough pool they are treading water in.  


They claim to be even more disillusioned now than when they were in their twenties! C'mon guys it's not that bad surely, just go back and listen to the original Dead Boys' 'Sonic Reducer' and everything will be alright, or at least it won't sound worse.


'Martian War Machines' (what kind of title is that?) has more than a nod towards Sabbath in that opening riff and on the chorus - please, it has to be a wind up? They must have collectively pissed themselves laughing revisiting the lyrics of  'You're Out Of School And No One Cares' or 'Weekends Suck'. Even as a naive teenager these would have been funny, but guys in their fifties?!?!


As for the last tune on offer, thanks for letting the listener know that it's an instrumental guys: at least I know I don't have to listen to it even if it does offer better lyrics than the previous offerings.


Turgid, amateur and the kind of record that has given punk rock a bad name. I listened to this so you don't have to.


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