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Written by Dom Daley   
Wednesday, 19 February 2014 04:00

thecrydangerouscoverTaking that retro power pop sound and style into the 21st Century The Cry! release their second album and if that retro sound is what you're craving then you need this album! They have the guitar licks and the harmonies a plenty and clearly know their way around a catchy hook or two.


Take the title track 'Dangerous Game' for a snotty trip. Some sumptuous guitar licks and backing vocal "whoo-hoos" Portland, Oregon has a band to be proud of and one that most definitely can compete with the Biters for that power pop crown, no question about it. The whole feel of this record is excellent and it has a timeless charm to it as well as familiarity. Ray Nelson has the perfect lead vocal sneer and trades licks with lead guitarist Brian Crace that sets up the sound. It's happy go lucky but with a spikey punk rock edge and they've just about got the mix off to a tee.


The lead single and opening track, 'Discotheque', tells you everything you need to know about this band. They clearly get "it" whatever "it" might be. From the cowbell to the hand claps and the uber cool guitar lick and honky tonk piano "it" is certainly in evidence. The first digital single off this record, 'Seventeen', belies their ages and sounds like the work of men twice their years who know a thing or two about bubblegum power pop, but it goes to show that you will be nothing short of impressed when you spin this platter.


Ten tracks with one song as strong as the next and not one second that's second rate or going through the motions either. The best record I've heard so far this year bar none!


The Cry! have managed to mould five decades of Rock and Roll into one high energy ball of cool! That's no easy feat either but don't just take my word for it, 'Dangerous Game' is an absolute barnstorming record and one that should be enjoyed by as many as possible. Now put on your dancing shoes and let's bop til we drop! Remember the name folks because The Cry! are no also rans, these boys could be game changers if they can continue this rich vein of approved image lrg 2013songwriting they're on. Stunning!


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