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Written by Johnny H   
Monday, 15 February 2016 03:00

New RosesIf you are someone who longs for those halcyon days when every Monday morning meant the whiff of excitement that yet another great slab of sleazy rock ‘n’ roll release by the likes of anyone from Guns N’ Roses to Little Caesar, or The Black Crowes to Love/Hate used to bring, then one listen to ‘Dead Man's Voice’, the Napalm Records debut by The New Roses, will have you trying to squeeze into those 28” waist PVC trousers once again.


Why? Well these four guys from Wiesbaden, Germany have thankfully bypassed any possible Teutonic related musical influences and instead opted in favour of a 100% proof shot of American hard rock circa 1987 – 1991 and in the process have constructed what many will see as one of the sleaze rock albums of the year. Although, as I’m about to explain this record does also come with a few modern day rock twists and turns along the way, something that whilst some might love has actually stopped me from awarding said opus an Uber Rock approved status as a result. So, let me explain why.


Let’s start with the highpoints then, because these act to only back up my earlier claim that this will be seen by many (and quite rightly so) as sleaze rock of the highest order, and that when The New Roses get it right like they do on whirlwind opener ‘Heads Or Tails’, the anthemic lead single ‘Thirsty’ and the Corabi-Crue like ‘Partner In Crime’ they are basically unbeatable. This is truly great stuff, and if only there wasn’t this aforementioned penchant for doffing the baker boy hats to the likes of er, Shinedown and Black Stone Cherry via the Southern brooder ‘Dead Man’s Voice’, the poptastic ‘Ride With Me’ plus the obligatory ballad ‘What If I Was You’ then I might actually be declaring ‘Dead Man's Voice’ an album to die for.



As it is, in places, it is just that though (an album to die for), with ‘Hurt Me Once (Love Me Twice)’ sounding like The Black Crowes fronted by Jeff Keith, whilst my favourite track on the record, ‘Try (And You Know Why)’ has the audacity to kick off with a chorus so catchy it should come with an WHO infection warning. It takes balls to write and play music like this in 2016, and The New Roses when they rock hard, are most definitely the boys for the job.


Vocalist/guitarist Timmy Rough also deserves to be singled out here largely because throughout this record not only does he turn in an awe-inspiring vocal performance, but he also manages to sound like (amongst others) W. Axl Rose, Tom Keifer, Kelly Jones, Ron Young and Cormac Neeson which sadly also means, to my ears at least, that it denies the band ever being able to settle into a sound that is essentially all of their own. Just to further illustrate this if I were to stack ‘Dead Man's Voice’ up against say the also recently released ‘Camp Rock’ by Razorbats, whilst both bands plunder the rich history of classic rock for their influences it is the latter who come away with first prize simply because each and every song Razorbats write has a rather unique sound stamped all over it, The New Roses on the other hand I feel need this unique element added to their sound to enable them to fully grow into their own skins, because when they are good they are very good indeed.


I really don’t want to close on a down point though because ‘Dead Man's Voice’ really is a great hard rock record, and one that at times is not far away from being sleaze rock genius, it’s just I think there is still better to come from these guys especially if they stop trying to please everyone all at once and instead simply concentrate on rockin’ our asses off. Ones to watch for sure.


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