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Written by Gaz Tidey   
Thursday, 18 February 2016 03:00

dollyfamilycover500With a support stint on Bowling For Soup's UK tour still ringing in the ears, and new three-track EP, 'Mama's Gonna Knock You Out', hot on the shelves, The Dollyrots keep up the momentum with the band's first live album and concert film.


Pop-smeared 'n' clued-in music fans will know, though, that the aforementioned EP was originally a cheeky li'l bonus for all those that pledged on the fan-funded live CD/DVD, 'Family Vacation: Live in Los Angeles', now set for an official UK release via the band's own Arrested Youth Records and Wienerworld slap, bang in the middle of next month.


What bang, however, will you get for your buck if you shell out for this hotly-tipped new release? Well, not much if you take away the power pop polished eleven-track live album, the dayglo awesome explosion that is the concert film, the plethora of bonus material, and stonking digipak packaging!


Seriously, this is one of the brightest, grin-inducing releases in recent history. Life has teeth, we know this, so to have physical product this exuberant in your hands, pure happiness in cardboard and plastic form, is truly something special to behold.


The live album crams eleven of the bounciest, hook-laden power pop punk tunes into just over half an hour and sounds fantastic. Sure, us Brits will always offer a wry smile and the hint of a West Country accent at the merest whiff of 'Brand New Key', but The Dollyrots' version of the Melanie Safka seventies standard (originally from the band's second album, 2007's 'Because I'm Awesome') will have you forgetting about those buffoons and their combine harvester almost immediately.


Superb songs like 'Kick Me To The Curb', 'Bury Me In Ireland', and 'Jackie Chan' kick like the latter on one of the coolest live albums for some time. But, get this, the live album is really just the companion piece to the concert film - like things could get any better, right?


Well, they do... and in some style too.


Filmed at The Roxy in Los Angeles on September 19th, 2015, the live concert film captured here on digital versatile disc features the same tracklisting yet includes more of the breezy between-song banter and backstage documentary footage. It's more infectious a film than the majority of modern zombie flicks and is a really captivating, kickass watch. But wait, that's not all - bonus material includes an audio commentary and fantastic fly-on-the-wall tour documentary footage that shows just how Kelly Ogden and Luis Cabezas (ably supported on drumming duties by the wonderfully-monikered, Rikki Styxx) manage to get this show on the road.

Stop with the badass extra content, you say? You'll not be wanting to read the booklet's great liner notes detailing each song choice, thenapproved image lrg 2013.


Why do you need this hot new product? Because, as the song/album title implies, The Dollyrots are awesome.


To pick up your copy of 'Family Vacation: Live In Los Angeles' - CLICK HERE