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Written by Ross Welford   
Friday, 11 February 2011 05:00

encore176Jesus H Christ, let's just start by saying someone was undoubtedly brought up on a diet of classic rock.

Looking like the bastard offspring of Enuff Z'Nuff, Encore really do know how to write a classic rock tune and give me hope that all is not lost in the youth of today.


Production of this album is the only thing that lets it down, it's a bit 'Lars and James' if you get my drift but that doesn't spoil the appeal or indeed the quality of these eleven songs.


Opener 'Simon Says' is a competent enough start yet not giving you a clue as to what is to follow. 'Playing With Fire' gives a nod to Marsden-era Whitesnake, 'Born To Rock' sniffs of Judas Priest's 'Living After Midnight' and then along comes 'Out The Window' which could be a Girl demo, and all of a sudden guitarist Riley Beaire starts rearing his head up and starts to have some fun. Add some Sabbath and 'DC riffage and solos that Tracii Guns would be proud of ('Loud N'Proud', 'Round We Go') and you realise that not only are they writing songs that older, more accomplished bands would be happy with but they seem to be doing it with ease and confidence. They slow it right down to showcase their undoubted talents in 'Drift Away' and you realise they've taken the best bits of every top band going and actually listened to them instead of just throwing out the usual "Yeh, we love so and so" blasé, "look at us, we're cool" comments you usual get.

Apparently, they've already decided that they will be successful in the music business and have already supported Lou Gramm, Steadlur, Bulletboys and XYZ to name but a few and on the evidence of this they seem to have a future.

I've no doubt the names of Riley and Chase Beaire along with bassist Paris Stewart will have something big to say in the future.


Oh, did I tell you that they are only aged 11 and 15 respectively? God help their parents when alcohol and women get involved.