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Written by DJ Astrocreep   
Tuesday, 06 February 2018 04:20

HPS071 Avon DavesDungeonGiven I only usually the word Avon when jokingly insulting some of my Scottish friends and what I think their parents’ careers should be, seeing the name of this supergroup formed of ex-Kyuss/QOTSA, Airbus and Waxy members brought a small smile to my lips at first. Desert rock is quite my thing though, as are most things psychedelic, so on one of my many travels, I gave it its first listen.


It's a good album. Each part is performed well: drums, guitars, vocals, all of it. There are strong vocal melodies, which work well together. You should be able to sense a but coming and here it is: and that but is it seems a little too well produced, almost a touch safe at times. It seems strange to me to be saying this, as each part is so well performed. I've tried listening to it several times and still there is something that is just nagging at me from somewhere at the back of my head.


There are definite psychedelic elements in the album, at times a punkish feel too and desert rock is certainly a feature, so it does tick all the boxes. I guess I was maybe thinking there would be a touch more rawness to the recording than there is, as I think that sense of safeness I mentioned earlier comes from the fact that it is so well produced, which may sound a touch strange.



‘Hero With A Gun’ has a very definite Jethro Tull feel, with flute melodies adding to the ambience of the track, which for me is a very definite plus point and only just missed out on being one of my favourite tracks on the album. At the same time, album closer ‘Yello’ strikes me as a psychedelic version of Queen Of The Stone Age's ‘Feel Good Hit of the Summer’, so the influence is clear to be seen. There are other, subtle, bits and nuances through the album that do add to it and make it a pretty good album overall, which come out on the second and third listens through.


If you are a desert rock fan or an admirer of psychedelia, then you probably will like this album. Despite my couple of misgivings, it is still a good album, which I have enjoyed. I just think there is something not quite there to make it into the album it could potentially have been. I would still recommend this album to people, though I would probably poke it more at my psychedelia preferring friends. Certainly worth a couple of listens.


‘Dave’s Dungeon’ is released on 23 February. You can get your copy HERE.




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