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Written by Nick Russell   
Wednesday, 07 February 2018 04:20

Nebula Let It BurnNebula are a classic three-piece stoner rock band formed way back in 1997 by guitarist Eddie Glass and drummer Ruben Romano when they left the mighty Fu Manchu. With the addition of bassist Mark Abshire, they went on to create a number of stoner space rock psychedelia albums and EPs. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut EP, they are releasing a reissue of ‘Let It Burn’ EP with some additional tracks.


The album starts with ‘Elevation’, all Hawkwind-esque trippy space rock before the fuzzed-up stoner riffs take over. It gets decidedly heavy next with ‘Down By The Highway’, Sabbathy riffs and wah-wah solo’s. The title track is next, with a funky stoner groove going on followed by ‘Vulcan Bomber’, unfortunately not a tribute to the mighty British V bomber of the 60’s but a tune with a mega heavy mid-section. ‘Dragoneye’ is full-on stoner with it’s classic 70’s rock vibe but the guitar fuzzed up to max.


The instrumental ‘Raga In The Bloodshot Pyramid’ is the sort of track you could play over the top of the end sequence of the classic ‘Apocalypse Now’, all rhythmic bongos, it would fit so well. Maybe that’s why the next track, ‘Sonic Titan’ sounds so big! When the Hendrix-like riff comes in, it just sounds massive, before halfway through it all slows down and gets super heavy, with some great solo-ing over the top, very spacey, almost Zepplin like. ‘Devils’s Liquid’ is next with its heavy stoner groove, not unlike the sort of thing Government Mule are playing these days. We then get a bonus live version of the title track from Roskilde in 2001 and a demo version of ‘Devil’s Liquid’, good but not quite as heavy as the produced version.


I’d only vaguely heard of Nebula but after hearing this, I wonder why the hell I missed them the first-time round! At least with this (and two other) reissues coming out, I can catch up. If you like your sounds to have a ‘70s feel with huge doses of spacey psychedelia, all wrapped up in stoner vibe, you’ll love this, I do, can’t wait to hear the other reissues.


And I possibly couldn’t comment as to whether this is best enjoyed with a legal or illegal substance of some kind! Just pass me another bottle of bourbon!


‘Let It Burn’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE. ‘To The Center’ will be re-released on 16 February, with the ‘Dos’ EPs to follow on 2 March.


Nebula play Desertfest on Sunday 6 May and Bristol Psych Fest on Saturday 7 July.


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