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Written by DJ Astrocreep   
Monday, 12 February 2018 04:20

Chasing Ghosts artworkFrom the off, it is abundantly clear that Anathema is a major influence for Chasing Ghosts, as simple hooks overlap with melodic male vocals to form the melodies. The hooks are sometimes reused and usually matched at a higher pitch to the vocals, before going on to any guitar work performed, which adds to the Anathema or perhaps Paradise Lost feel of the album. The album does not cross into any of the heavier aspects of either of these bands but stays on the lighter end, which I think will appeal to the melodic alt-rock crowd of those interested in the likes of Evanescence in addition to those already mentioned.


‘Fallen From Grace’ is the first track to be made into a video from the album and with good reason. It's one of the first songs I pick out from my first listen through before I even look up any details on the album or band.



It is certainly not a bad effort and if you view it more of a statement of intent, rather than this is who they are, then there is a good chance for Chasing Ghosts to go somewhere good. The melodies do stand up to a few listens through, as do well-delivered vocals, I just feel that the pace is slightly off at times. It seems to be caught in the no man's land between heavier doom efforts, which probably would not suit so well their clean melodies, but not quite quick enough to appeal so much to the stoner community that seems to be so rampant at the moment, and I think this is something they may need to address in their next release.


A look at the likes of A Pale Horse Named Death's first album, which has a fairly similar sound to this also, might provide the inspiration for them to take a big step up with their next piece. Alternatively, by speeding up, slightly away from the doomier end of their sound, they could put themselves more towards a Queens Of The Stone Age sensibility, which I think they also have the potential to do.


Overall, it's a pretty good release and one I will listen to again in future. The potential is there for them to become something really good and I would hope that a future release would address the issue of the pace of the songs and a step in which way they wish to go, either towards the doom market or the more mainstream melodic alt-rock market. Sitting on the fence between may hinder them, which would be a shame.


‘These Hollow Gods’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.


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