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Written by DJ Astrocreep   
Wednesday, 14 February 2018 04:40

An Evening With Knives artwork‘Serrated’ is the debut album from Eindhoven-based doomsters, An Evening With Knives. Having a quick look at their social media as I start to play the album, I see that they consider themselves to be doom/sludge outfit. In all honesty, I don't see that from this release. From the off, there is an almost dark prog feel to the album. Aspects of Tool and Black Sabbath mix in the opening track ‘Come Undone’, as well as throughout several other tracks on the album, bringing on that feeling, along with a classic hard rock sensibility.


This was not said to detract from this release, in any way, given they actually do this very well. I think that marketing themselves more to their sound, rather than where they may have initially planned, could see this band do some pretty good stuff in future, which would sit alongside this debut album. There are some doom elements to be heard, though these come across as more of an extra layer, rather than the full context of the writing, with ‘Hysteria’ having a definite hint of Matt Pike's outfit High on Fire to its sound at times.


The vocals go from a classic rock feel to a post-metal sound at times, but in a way that compliments the song, rather than detracting from the style, adding in an extra layer to the heavy psychedelia. This becomes more apparent in the likes of ‘Hysteria’, about halfway through the album, where the vocals really have a chance to become the focus of it, which vocalist/guitarist Marco Gelissen performs with gusto. The bass features quite well throughout most songs, in the style that was typified by the likes of Tool and the lead guitar is used sparingly at times, primarily to add an extra layer in, rather than to become the focus with a winding solo, which also helps keep the feel of the record right.



Overall, this is a good first album, that will get repeat plays from me. It's a good statement of intent and I will be watching their further releases with interest. The album itself is a strong one, without any of the filler that a lot of bands seem to have on their debut albums, and keeps your attention from start to finish and brings plenty of influences to the table in a way that pays tribute to, rather than steals from, those that they would seem to wish to emulate.


FFO Tool, Black Sabbath, High on Fire.


‘Serrated’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.


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