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Written by Matt Phelps   
Wednesday, 08 February 2012 05:30

MeansteedLondon band Meansteed recently kicked their riff heavy Airbourne-loving rock 'n' roll sounds into my world with all the delicacy of a horse shoe strike to the shin bone. The quartet made up by Matty Dorkings (vocals/guitar), Alison Curry (guitar), Adam Sutcliffe (drums) and Ollie Tindall (bass) have a great bunch of high octane rock songs at the ready and their self released five track EP, 'Engage The Rage', hits you hard and fast like a drunk driver blasting Aussie rock from his second hand stereo.


Matty is a man possessed with a voice as dirty as Bon Scott's denim cut off and as he growls out the intro to opening track 'Young Guns' you can almost smell the alcohol on his breath and taste discharged gunpowder wafting out of the speakers. The salvo of quickfire riffs that follow blast out like a brace of antipodean influences as the battle torn (poster) flags of AC/DC and Airbourne flutter in the wild wind of Meansteed's relentless assault. With smoking shell cases piling up as quickly as drum beats from Sutcliffe's snare the 'Steed stampede headlong into 'Devil In Me', a tune which sees Dorkings cracking out more electrically charged lyrics over a riff from Curry that's as dirty as a hooker's knees.


Like a barbed wire whip crack to the soul these guys (and gal) have some seriously explosive energy packed into their songs and title track 'Engage The Rage' spits out ferocious lightning bolts of dirty gutter level rock 'n' roll in the vein of Broken Teeth. 'Make A Stand' gets neighbours' heads banging as Meansteed knock some sense into those who don't understand why we, just like Saxon, love to play it loud. 'Hellride' is the last "official" track but after devouring the first five songs I was stoked to discover that there is a sixth secret course of Meansteed in the shape of live favourite 'Short Fuse' tagged on secretly at the end with no fanfare but a fuck load more tasty guitar from Ali and Matty.


Meansteed are chomping at the bit with a rabid rock bite and there's a spark in their stride that's brighter than a backfiring codpiece. I'm hoping that this is only just the start of a great long run for the London band and it's many years before this group of rock 'n' roll reprobates kick the proverbial (Rhino) Bucket. The energy is there, the dedication is there and you can bet your last Australian dollar that the songs are there. Having witnessed Airbourne's meteoric rise from sweat pit gig at The Cavern in Exeter to supporting Iron Maiden in some of the country's biggest arenas in a relatively short four years I can only hope that the Meansteed get to taste even a little of success like that because judging from what I've seen and heard so far they truly fucking deserve it.


You can preview the tracks and buy the digital version of 'Engage The Rage' here:


Or order the physical EP here:


Or better still pick it up from one of their kick ass live shows. Keep track of all upcoming Meansteed shows by keeping an eye on the website: and while you're there check out the numbers on the amp on the homepage, they go to 11, that should tell you everything you need to know \m/ \m/