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Written by Gaz E   
Wednesday, 01 February 2012 05:30

deathbulletWith claims that the music industry is going the way of the dinosaurs flying out like Christmas singles used to, it's heartening, awe-inspiring even, to be connected to, or simply near to, a scene that is not only flourishing but swelling like a blackened eye and spreading like a bushfire.


The metal and punk scenes, often colliding and splintering in the same band, in South Wales are at such a high water mark these days that new ear and head-bang worthy outfits appear to spring up every other week, rarely a bad one amongst the bunch.


The apparent death of the music industry, or loss of teenage ass and the money for coke to snort off of it as it could be called, dictates that many bands that could have, would have if they were the attitude dripping cocky cunts that they should be, troubled the offices of record labels now find themselves having their greatest moments in front of pockets of rock-loving resistance at ass-kicking shows in fearless venues. And, y'know what, that's all you need, all we need; gangs of like-minded, inhibition-free music fans combining to offer an almighty "fuck you" to all who doubt and diss and write off through a combination of fear, ignorance and refusal to accept. Fuck 'em. Fuck 'em all. Pick up your guitars and make some noise. If your heart is in it then, seriously, that's all you need.


Deathbullet are one of the bands that I've seen several times at shows as described above: sweaty, intimate gigs with beer a-flowing, fists a-pumping and grins a-plenty. Wheels might not end up being invented, cures for horrible diseases might not get discovered, but friends will be made, communities will be united, good times will be had inside dark, dingy basement rooms while a world of shit turns slowly outside, happily forgotten for a few hours by music outsiders lost to a soundtrack of savage riffmongery.


The three track 'Pocketful Of Hate' EP from Deathbullet might not be the best sounding release you'll hear this week, might not have the best three songs you'll hear either, but there is no doubting that it is a spirited affair from four guys looking to add another slab of heavy duty metal to a scene already heaving with it, yet always ready to accept more, much more.


At the tail end of last year a slew of band members from the South Wales metal community took two minutes out from chewing nuts and bolts and laying waste to backlines to pick their dream band line-ups made up entirely of members of their contemporaries and noisy neighbours. When checking out this Fantasy Foot-On-Monitor League for myself I noticed that Deathbullet vocalist Russell Cullis got a respectable number of mentions: surprising really given that he eschews the de rigueur Cookie Monster vocals of many. Cullis favours a cleaner, more traditional vocal and, fused with a punked-up, noisier streak, offers something a little different, the black sheep of the herd.


Guitarist Paul Clothier wears his Zakk Wylde/Black Label Society influence on his sleeve (and his chest, and his back) and 'Pocketful Of Hate', the title track of this EP, showcases it more than any other, and a storming tune it is too, the bass of former Lifer four stringer Jamie Morgan rumbling under it like a runaway freight train with a Station Wagon full of nuns trapped on a level crossing in its sights. 'Fallen God' rides in on a fat, bruiser of a riff, Cullis spitting lyrics all over it, while 'Giant Killer' stomps around like an unruly child, all big guitar, mean vocals and a stab of attitude smearing this hardcore-tinged track with a hefty dose of vintage Metallica.


Deathbullet might be swimming with the sharks of a business but they're treading water with a cadre of kickass outfits who, alongside them, offer endless possibilities for unforgettable nights out at now must-attend gigs. These bands might never escape the slog of the circuit but, fucking hell, if they ain't gonna do some damage trying.