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Written by Dom Daley   
Monday, 13 February 2012 04:30

TherapyBack on the attack, Northern Ireland's favourite sons Therapy? have unleashed a brutal, uncompromising collection of songs for 2012.


As heavy as a tonne of bricks (or feathers if you so wish) 'Living In The Shadow Of A Terrible Thing' sets the tone and that tone is dark and heaving. This mutha is heavy! 'Marlow' has that familiar snare sound but with the Asian sounding backing vocals and effect on the guitar dare I suggest that even Therapy? are stretching themselves here. Not a band to shy away from experimenting their sounds within a given parameter this also has a weird feel, especially towards the end, of a warped and weird Big Country. 


'Before You, With You, After You' sees a return to some vocals after that brief instrumental sound-scape and a stuttering melodic stab it is too. Utilising a vocoder on the vocals in parts Andy Cairns is twisting my melons, man. I know Therapy? aren't everyone's cup of tea and certainly know how to push the boundaries and this latest offering is more of the same as far as that goes. Plenty of weird effects like the metallic wobble on the guitars used in 'The Buzzing' to the 'out there' lyrics of 'Get Your Dead Head Off My Shoulder' which has some drum 'n' bass bass lines that'll hypnotise the listener, and then you have the out and out headfuck energy of 'Ghost Trio'.


'Why Turbulence' is as heavy as it gets with all the might of Sabbath on the riff yet it's offset with a melody and softly spoken words from Cairns. The album is brought to a close with a spooky guitar chime that makes way for a dark, edgy lament that is both unnerving and beautiful. 


Therapy? do what Therapy? do best and that's take the listener on a journey, sometimes exhausting, sometimes easy but never go on the same journey twice. I'm sure this album will delight existing fans and for those who simply just don't get it, well they'll continue not to get it. On first impressions it is indeed the briefest crack but on further investigation there is more than just a brief crack of light going on here. 


Gotta love Therapy? Mad crazy mofos.