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Written by Dom Daley   
Thursday, 04 February 2010 22:00

vincentandtheonepottsThe press release says Vincent and the boys like hotrods, brothel creepers, tattoos, punk and rock. Now I guess you've got a pretty decent mental image of where these chaps are coming from so it's no suprise to find that their influences are Social Distortion, The Clash, The Wildhearts and Rancid.


That's what the press release says but we all know talk is cheap and bands can say what they ferkin' like but it might not be 100% the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, right? Right!

I rack up the CD player and wait for my cue as the moment of truth is here for Vincent and his band of merry men. 'Devils Eye' comes hurtling through the speakers on the musical equivalent of a flamin' hotrod with the pedal to the metal and that middle digit fully extended to a rousing 'Fuck You' - OK, so not every band tells fibs on their biogs and these bunch of rock 'n' rollers start off like they mean business with an air of authenticity and tales of rock 'n' roll a plenty.


It's nasty in the best possible way; if The Yo-Yos carried flick knives and wrote songs with Lemmy and they rolled the 1970's streets of New York looking for those The Warriors to 'Sort Out'. There's no let up as I hurtle through the first few tracks. Playing like I'd imagine their live show to be, there really is no let up; It's fast, furious, but full of rowdy, catchy melodies, think along the lines of maybe Sorry And The Sinatras or The Loyalties. From what I'm listening to it's all good in this hood and my punk rock 'n' roll is in safe hands.


'Razors Edge' sounds like Lemmy fronting the Rev Horton Heat at volume 11. 'Radio Summer' sees Vince (I feel comfortable enough to call him Vince seeing as we're sort of kindred spirits singing from the same hymn sheet here) and the band tip the hat to all things Rockaway Beach in glorious fashion. We change gear on 'Drinking With Danny' as it starts off like a Shane McGowan inspired ditty about the former Wildhearts four string spanker and asks the question where did he go wrong?


Did I mention I like Vincent and his Onepotts? Well, I'm telling you now I love it, even the 'Don't You Ever Leave Me' intro for 'Rockin With Jaysus' and the Setzer axe work, it sounds great. Which leaves you with the unlucky for some 13th track which sees the acoustics come out for a strum to 'Forgotten Friends' All's thats left to say is get out there come March and pick up a copy of 'Devils Eye' - consider it your duty, you bastuardz. Vincent And The Onepotts, Hell Yeah Baby \m/