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Written by Dom Daley   
Thursday, 04 February 2010 22:20

plastctearsWrapped in a lovely leopardskin sleeve, Plastic Tears strut a well worn path of rock gods from Finland and straight from the off the obvious comparison cannot be ignored. Hey, that's ok - so Hanoi Rocks tend to cast a large shadow over everything that has passed since but hey, if you're going to get compared to anyone you might as well get compared to the best, right?

In fairness, Miqu December has the sound of Michael Monroe about him for sure - a fact you should embrace and not a bad singer to sound like, I'm sure you'll agree?  From the opener - the wonderfully titled 'Everybody's Bitch But Mine' - this sounds like a band that believes in what they're creating here and the comparison would be to 'Two Steps' era Hanoi or even a 'Mystery City' vibe going on which is a pretty decent place to start in my book.


Whilst Hardcore Superstar and The 69 Eyes have their style, these bad boys have a more classic rock 'n' roll sound; perhaps a little less bombast than HCSS and definitely nothing like the 69 Eyes of today. Besides, the songs are pretty strong and that's the main thing, right? With the right backing there is no reason why Plastic Tears can't create their own slice of the pie. If Hardcore Superstar recorded songs like 'Sweet Summer Suicide' or 'Subshocks' we'd be reading in magazines how great they sounded and how they should break through to the next level.

Rock and roll can be pretty simple and doesn't have to contain the kitchen sink or the best guitar playing or the most notes in a scale and Plastic Tears understand this and, best of all, strip away the outfits and you have bloody good songs as 'Nine Lives...' proves. 'Things That Are Bound To Die'; now if it had a rollocking bar room piano this could easily fit on something penned by Sulo and his Diamond Dogs. Tucked away in the middle of this record is the infectious 'London Rain' which rocked along and got me humming along on the chorus - it sounded not a million miles away from The Clash classic 'Safe European Home' - sweet! 'You Destroy Me' shows great restraint and some popsmart songwriting rather than just rocking it up. A well written piece of good time rock and, whilst they aren't looking to create a new sound, they manage to create a cool sound.


A record that gets better after initial plays and takes in a few surprises which is summed up with album closer 'Beat Me Blue' which has a passing resemblance to should-have-beens from NYC, The Star Spangles. But don't take my word for it, keep an open mind and check 'em out - I'm glad I have. 2010 is up and running and already the good times have started!