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Written by Matt Phelps   
Tuesday, 09 February 2010 15:25

Hellfueled-EmissionThere seems to be more bands coming out of Sweden these days than there are arsonists in Norway. OK, bad stereotype I admit but you know what I'm getting at. With so many bands clammering for attention it's easy to overlook a few. And to me Hellfueled are a band that have somehow managed to slip through my power metal radar...until now.


'Emission Of Sins' is, in fact, the fourth long player to come from the Swedish quartet and is produced by Rikard Löfgren (Deathstars, Mama Kin). Debut 'Volume One' hit the shelves back in 2004 - I can see this reviewing lark is gonna end up costing me a pretty penny in the long run. Formed in Huskvarna back in 1998, Hellfueled have slowly been garnering quite a reputation along the way, playing alongside a wide range of artists from Europe to Entombed.


It's patently clear that Jocke Lundgren was the kind of metalhead teenager whose air guitar of choice while growing up was a bullseye Les Paul, the Zakk Wylde influence apparent from as soon as the sixth second of opening track 'Where Angels Die'. And when vocalist Andy Alkman kicks in it's as clear as a Birmingham whine that they have themselves a frontman who sounds more like Ozzy than the real thing these days. What Airbourne are to AC/DC, Hellfueled are to Ozzy. And that's not a criticism it's a heartfelt compliment. This is exactly what you wish Ozzy was doing these days, instead of dicking around with book deals and TV shows. This makes me rock (hard). The hard riffing 'Am I Blind' keeps the Ozzy similarities flowing as fast as a shark and with the combo of Kent G Svensson (drums) and Henke Lönn (bass) they have a rhythm section that punches the listener in the stomach with all the delicacy of a fist fuck from Mike Tyson.


'Save Me', 'Lost Forever' and 'In Anger' all have their roots planted firmly in the more traditional Euro metal sound of bands like Gamma Ray for instance, soaring harmonised choruses under pinned with melodic soloing licks to make you drool more than a bulldog on a hot summer's day, while the likes of 'I'm The Crucifix' and 'For My Family And Satan' seem at times to give more than a nod of approval to the cleaner sounding dirty grunge of bands like Alice In Chains.


'Emission Of Sins' kisses goodbye with 'Moving On' a stunning metallic instrumental, searing guitar from Lundgren flying effortlessly over the rolling rhythm of Svensson and Lönn. A hard hitting Hammerfall-style lesson in perfectly executed power rock. Essentially this is exactly the type of thing Marty Friedman should be concerning himself with putting out these days instead of the pretty abysmal Tokyo Pukebox.


'Emission Of Sins' is out now on Black Lodge..... Buy it for the bargain price of whatever it costs and rock the fuck out \m/