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Written by Fraser Munro   
Tuesday, 16 February 2010 08:11


CalabreseI could summarise this review by stating "If you love the Misfits you'll love 'They Call Us Death' " but there is much more to Calabrese than that. Much more....


From the moment you pick up the Eric Powell illustrated digi pack cover you know that this album is going to be something special.


As the band tear into the opening (title) track of the album with their self styled Damned meets Misfits meets Ramones B-movie 'Gothabilly' vibe, I know candidate number one for my Uber Rock Top Ten albums of the year has just entered the building. Tracks like 'Near Twilight' and 'Summon The Beyond' punch you right between the eyes with enough 'whoa whoa' choruses to satisfy any discerning Uber Rocker.

The super channelled aggression of 'Blood Of The Wolf' puts most hardcore bands to shame and will create absolute mayhem in the live show. Think 'Chaos AD' with even more attitude!


If I was pressed for a comparison of vocal stylings of Calabrese I'd have to plump for the delivery of Offspring's Dexter Holland, tempered with the grit of Metallica's James Hetfield. Either way, there's no crooning Danzig clones on show here.




With 'They Call Us Death', Jimmy, Davey & Bobby, the brothers Calabrese, have managed to deliver an album easily as good as, if not even better than their previous two full length offerings, 2005's '13 Halloweens' and 2006's 'Travelling Vampire Show', and it hits the shelves near you on 20th March 2010.


Calabrese is the world's greatest horror punk band and they're coming to get you. FACT!