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Written by Gaz E   
Wednesday, 17 February 2010 10:42

anticoverHere at Über Röck we like to tell it like it is and, let's be blunt, the rock 'n' roll world was hardly junk sick for a new record from AntiProduct.


Alex Kane and his mental mob had come, seen and maybe not conquered but certainly entertained a wanton legion of music fans several years previously. Their discs sat in a happy place in the record collections of the cool kids, pulled out when memories of good times were required, mainly for reasons of heartbreak and/or money troubles......


....then suddenly they were back. Like a UFO abducted WW2 fighter pilot. Like Don Dokken's hair. Like an ass-kicking band who, deep down, it is almost impossible not to love. Seeing AntiProduct live, in support to The Wildhearts at their Xmess gig recently, was a revelatory experience - they were, simply, awesome. Backed by a gang of feral and foxy females who you expect to see leaping from behind rocks in a post-apocalyptic B-movie to kill the token black character, a member of one of the UK's best up and coming bands and a typically insane drummer, Alex Kane, in around forty five minutes, made AntiProduct relevant once again. And thank fuck for that - I hate it when things get too safe.......


Safe would hardly be the first word used to describe the new AntiProduct album 'Please Take Your Cash'. Produced by Sylvia Massy, who can include such luminaries as Slayer, Johnny Cash and Tool among her professional conquests, this is the audio equivalent of a therapy session......where you'd end up fucking the shrink. Multiple personalities pour out of every channel, each one of them blessed with a natural ability to entertain. As independent a release as you're likely to find - self released, self promoted, the full shebang - this is one album guaranteed to put a smile on your face almost as big as the one that Kane used to slap across his features for live shows.


Take a song like 'Good Vibrations' - a standard, a classic, a seminal song that would be covered to death by pub rock pretenders if only they could master the backing vocals. Guess what? AntiProduct take this song, add a soupcon of sexiness, a hefty dose of awesome and a kernel of kickass, making it their own in incredible circumstances - listen to this tune without jumping around the room and you win a prize. Ok, the prize may be wheelchair-related but, of course, I am not allowed to say that.


If every band needs a song to sum up their musical mentality in just under five minutes, then 'Arms Around The World' is AntiProduct's - a chaotic chimera that fuses Honeycrack-style melody to massive riffola, by way of a crazy country and western middle section. Multiple personalities? Damn right, but you're happy to hang out with them all. With theirs, yours and countless other tongues planted firmly in their cheeks, AntiProduct refuse to take things too seriously but not to the detriment of the music. Take the legendary 'Bungee Jumping People Die'; ridiculous yet ridiculously addictive.


'Please Take Your Cash' is a ready-made record collection in one easy-to-open package. Uplifting pop rock? Check. Chugging rifferama? Check. Heavenly harmonies? Hellish heaviness? All of the above and more wrapped up in one smile-inducing, shape-throwing, air guitar-shredding, fist-pumping, horn-throwing badass mofo of an independent release that you all should own. When Alex Kane sings 'I Will Not Go Quietly' all I can think is "thank gawd for that." Long live AntiProduct!