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Written by Dave Prince   
Wednesday, 17 February 2010 10:59

Stage_Dolls_-_CoverIt is with great honour and pleasure that I have the opportunity to review the seventh studio album from Norway's forgotten sons. For a band that is nigh on 27 years old, Stage Dolls are still looking and sounding pretty good, having had little to no promotion in the UK since the Nineties as the wave of music swept over them.


The band, under the leadership of Torstein Flakne, has constantly released music of such a high calibre that you cannot help but smile when their music comes on...


Having first heard of this band back in 1989 when MTV's Headbanger's Ball used to give me my weekly rock promo fix, and having heard and seen 'Love Cries' and 'Still In Love', I was hooked. I then proceeded to find and look out for their previous releases and, while they weren't in the same league as the self-titled third album, they were good enough for me. After 1991's 'Stripped' the band went on a recording hiatus, but they never disbanded like many of their peers. The next release was 'Dig' which saw light in 1997 and then 'Get A Life' in 2004 which brings us nicely to 'Always' in 2010.


Opening with the title track, the riff is very similar to 'Still In Love' but what a riff! This is the type of music that begs to be played on a road trip with a loved one (or latest booty call). The sound on this release is as polished as any major release. To give an idea of where the Stage Dolls sound is at in 2010 think AOR, Richard Marx, Bryan Adams, Def a very good record in this day and age.


I honestly cannot pick out any favorite tracks as they are all great! I do have a very soft spot for 'Eye Of My Heart' which is your typical lighter-aloft ballad. I cannot wait to see this band live again, having missed them with Michael Monroe back in 1989 when they supported him in Cardiff.