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Written by Gaz E   
Thursday, 18 February 2010 12:42

sistercover-1There was a time not too long ago when all I reviewed was material by bands like Sister. Swedish sleaze rockers who cared more about the hair than the songs, who thought that a bazillion teenage girl "friends" on social networking sites equated to success. Unsurprisingly, my love for these bands shrivelled quicker than Mick Mars. I became desensitized to them all; each teezed hairstyle melted into the next, each would-be walk on Sunset Strip became a long walk on a short pier to me.


So I walked away....scrub that.....I ran. Ran like Tripp Eisen towards the Teen Choice Award show. Like Richie Kotzen when he heard Rikki Rockett's car pull up on the driveway. get the picture. And 'Deadboys Making Noise' by Sister should really make me feel no different. Martin Sweet of Crashdiet is involved in the production of this mini-album checking at least one of the formulaic Swedish sleaze rock boxes, yet I warm to this record quicker than Robert Ginty's flamethrower. Is it because I stepped back from this kinda music for a time, making this sound a little fresher? Maybe. Perhaps it's simply because this is an above average example of how our Swedish cousins can kick up a sleazy shit storm at every available opportunity?


What does it sound like? Expecting me to say the usual identikit sub-Crue sound favoured, ripped off, over used (delete where applicable) by almost every other band from the capital of cock rock culture? Think again. The Murderdolls logo will probably flash like a neon bomb insisterband people's minds when they first see a photograph of Sister, yet it is the output of that band's singer that is best used to describe the severe schlock rock on offer here. While 'I Don't Mind If You Die' treads a trademarked horror metal path, the rest of the tunes owe more to 'Fang Bang', the album where Wednesday 13 ditched the deathly vibes for a few minutes and traded in three chord tales of trashy terror.


The blood of 80's rock does course through the veins of 'Deadboys Making Noise', with more than a few nods in the direction of classic Seb Bach-led Skid Row, none more so than on 'When You Fall', but this is certainly no bad thing.


With seven tracks of trashy, gutter-dirty, horror-fuelled sleaze rock to go on - and a hidden acoustic track - I'd have to say that Sister are easily as good as the other 100,000 similar bands in Sweden but, thanks to their dark splatter stylings and great look, at least offer something a little different. Whether it is enough to enable them to rise above the home grown hard rock horde is debatable, but I'll be rooting for them. A band to watch.......