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Written by Dom Daley   
Thursday, 18 February 2010 13:53

1atrashtownI first heard the Trashtown Thrillers when they did a Dogs D'amour cover on a charity album a few years ago. I liked their style on their version of 'Mr Addiction' so it was nice to finally hear their own material on this collection of songs that make up the 'A Red Rose & A Shotgun Kiss' EP.


This group of Brighton-based rockers kick off this seven track set with 'Your Wasted Heart' and are proud to wear their influences on their sleeves with some riffed up rock 'n' roll mixed with some trashy punk to boot - it's loose and it swaggers through the air with some great guitar work and catchy songwriting. Sure, you can pick out a Dogs link here and there or a bit of Motorhead, though more so in the attitude. What grabs you though is that it's a damn fine collection with variety and changes of pace from the opener through 'Step On You', with its nice wah-wah solo and guitar lick, to the sloppy toe tapper that is 'Say Goodbye To The Good Old Days' which, though being about suicide, doesn't sound at all moody or down.


Listening on headphones, I was reminded of days gone by.....with a heart beating with the spirit of the old days of Dingwalls and the Dogs, the Marquee with the Soho Roses, Buttz and Spike's club in Soho or drinking in the Intrepid Fox or the Ship on Wardour Street, this EP has a great slab of reckless abandonment captured in its chords and attitude. I love it when music can paint such vivid memories without the use of a brush.


I would love to hear this band and these songs get a big budget production and the time and room to really lift these songs sonically and turn this into the absolute killer, full length album that it deserves. However I can wait, because if you can write a great rock 'n' roll song then the job's a good un and Trashtown Thrillers have shown that they not only write a great song but, on this evidence, have seven of 'em and, no doubt, more besides.


So people, get a wriggle on and get into Trashtown Thrillers before they leave you behind. It's snotty, it's rock 'n' roll and now it's available so what you waiting for? Go check 'em out. Great British scuzzy, trashy rock 'n' roll is in safe hands - ladies and gentlemen I present to you, Trashtown Thrillers!