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Written by Dom Daley   
Friday, 19 February 2010 11:30

ccdd2009Hailing from Carolina in the United States Of America these down and dirty rockers have unleashed on the public two full length albums since 2004's debut, 'Kings Of Sleaze' and they once again turn up the throttle on this, their third full length outing.


No compromise seems to be the order of the day as they once again go for the jugular with their rigid middle finger, fuck you brand of sleaze punk rock. 


We literally get blasted off with album opener 'Life Under The Blade' and, with their self titled claim to be boot stompin' southern sleaze, you're left with no doubt what these guys are about. On this evidence it's plain to see they've upped their game and are in no mood to fuck around.


Track four, 'It's Calling Me', sees a change of pace and some acoustic guitar introduced into a mid paced rocker that has Scotty P and the boys kicking up a shit storm and regaling tales of being on the road with some very tasty guitar work thrown in to the bargain. This album is full throttle and no nonsense as Scotty P screams out the lyrics through his distinctive vocals - if ever there was someone who gargles razors from a glass of gasoline, then take a bow Scotty P. The best example is the very rock 'n' roll 'Back In The Motor City' which would also win Crank County Daredevils the prize of being one of the only bands to big themselves up in their literature and actually deliver the goods in a believable fashion. 


This is primal, down and dirty rock 'n' roll that'll put you in a headlock, drag you out to the parking lot, then kick your head in before torching your twitching torso. Crank County Daredevils take no prisoners and, as Michael Monroe would say, rock like fuck! If you want evidence to back it up then crank (sorry) up the volume and take cover because tracks like  'Coming Down (It's Such A Bitch)' are the real deal. 


If you claim to love sleaze or you're in a sleaze band and you don't sound anything like this then you're not in a sleaze band and you haven't got a clue about what sleazy music sounds like. Crank County Daredevils rock mofos and that's a fact! Oh and their claim to be the kings of sleaze.....well, on this evidence it's difficult not to agree with them.