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Written by Fraser Munro   
Saturday, 20 February 2010 12:00

wig_wam_coverIn a studio in deepest darkest Norway the four guys of Wig Wam have managed to hone a sleek sounding AOR monster of an album. 'Non Stop Rock 'n' Roll' is the bastard son of all things hair metal (or should that be Wig Metal) with mega choruses to spare!


They may have re-christened themselves with the preposterous stage names; Glam, Tiny, Flash and Sporty (I kid you not) and they may look like the evil offspring of Twisted Sister and the Village People, but the tunes they have produced shine like diamonds in an age of dour self pitying dirge. It's not balls to the walls stuff on offer here, more the Mutt Lange-esque layered vocal harmonies and processed guitars that grunge tried it's darnedest to wipe off the face of the earth. 


The album's opener 'Do You Wanna Taste It' is a slice of Def Leppard inspired rockarama, while 'C'mon Everybody' rocks along merrily with a massive chorus in the vein of 'Bezerk' era Tigertailz. Other highlights include the Leppard inspired 'Wild One' and 'Walls Come Down', the former sounding like it could have set MTV on fire around 1989. 


Of the two ballads on offer here, the acoustic guitar driven 'From Here' stands out, bringing a welcome organic feel to the proceedings that so far had been lacking. I must admit that as the album goes on it does slip slightly into the world of generic Euro metal, but then a gem like the title track 'Non Stop Rock 'n' Roll' pops up to keep your cowboy booted toes tapping along. 


At the time of writing I've played the album from beginning to end four times and find myself already singing along to the choruses, which to me is the mark of a great album. For that I'd recommend anyone with a penchant for AOR and classic cock rock to track down 'Non Stop Rock 'n' Roll' straight away.


It's Wigtastic stuff!