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Written by Dave Prince   
Monday, 22 February 2010 13:01

butchwalkerA new decade and a new band pseudonym for Butch Walker's band. First there was '& the Let's Go Out Tonites' now we have 'and The Black Widows.'


In keeping with the 'Let's Go Out Tonites' album this sees Butch showing off his love affair with the 70's, although this time he is showcasing a more mature - dare I say it - middle of the road side to his songwriting.

Now Mr Walker, to me, is up there with other singer-songwriters such as Miles Hunt and Ricky Warwick who both previously made it big with their respective bands (The Wonder Stuff & The Almighty) before carving out successful solo careers on their own merits. To these ears Butch has taken a Miles Hunt approach to this record but with a violin prominent in a couple of the songs. So, either way, I could not help but fall in love with this album.

Unlike his previous releases, I stayed away from the bootlegs so I didn't get to hear these tracks in any shape or form before getting the album. Apart from opener 'Trash Day' which was released as a sampler, listening to this was like Christmas Morning...

The tracks are like little holes in the wall of Butch Walker and we get to take a peek into the man that is always giving to us - his fans. From his cock rock history mocking in 'She Likes Hair Bands' to the melancholy of 'Be Good Until Then.'

Although saying all this doesn't escape the fact that it is very unlikely to make him any new fans. What will make him new fans over here is to play a couple of shows and not just one off dates; even a 4-5 date tour would be great.

Listening to a Butch Walker album is like looking at an old photo album where you remember the way you used to look but the feelings of that time and place are long gone and you cannot help but raise a smile to memories past and think of the future and the bounty that will no doubt feature somewhere in your life. It's like the old mix tapes you wished you made for that one boy/girl that got away.