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Written by Darrel Sutton   
Thursday, 25 February 2010 15:07

obscura2Before becoming Tech Death pioneers, Bavarians Obscura peddled a much more vanilla flavour of death. And damn were they good at it. 


Erring more towards the US style of said genre, this reissue of their debut album 'Retribution' shows they were worthy peers of Deicide, Immolation et al.


Lovingly remastered and repackaged as only Relapse know how, what you get is the original 2006 album with three bonus tracks.  The album itself is top notch death metal with songs like 'Nothing' and 'None Shall Be Spared' showcasing Slayer-esque passages coupled with Death (the band) -like brutality. Whilst not having the technical angle of their latter output there's still plenty of guitar chops on offer to keep balance with the out and out brutality.


Another nice little reissue from Relapse and worth a few sheckles if your death levels are a little low.