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Written by Mark Ashby   
Monday, 11 February 2013 03:30

Huldre - Intet Menneskebarn ArtworkThere are a number of reference points which immediately spring to mind as soon as soon as this debut album from Danish folk metallers Huldre kicks in, namely, Eluvetie, Korpiklaani and Leaves’ Eyes.


Like each of the aforementioned acts, Huldre accentuate more of the ‘folk’ than the metal side of their sound, through the use of traditional instruments such as the violin, flute and hurdy-gurdy, and the songs have a very baroque, or medieval to you uneducated rabble, feel to them, especially in their melodies and vocal harmonies.


That’s not to say that there is not plenty to sate the metalheads who may stray across this little offering: bassist Bjarne Kristiansen does lay down some pretty heavy rhythms, while Lasse Olufson also proffers forth a few niftily crunchy riffs, such as on the intro of ‘Skovpolska’ and the mosh-pit inducing ‘Brandridt’ – even if, for a lot of the time, he does play second fiddle to Laura Beck’s excellent violin work!


Nanna Barslev has a very pleasant voice, unforced and natural sounding, which carries the material well, even on the heavier tracks, and you can just imagine the band dancing around the studio with huge smiles on their faces while recording, as it’s a album that is great fun, hugely entertaining and eminently jig-worthy…


Now, where did I stash that mead?


A footnote: This self-financed opus is released via the Danish Musicians’ Union’s bespoke Gateway distribution mechanism – the Europeans really know how to support their home grown talent in a way us here in the British Isles could do well to look at imitating, instead of bogging bands down with all sorts of red tape and needless legislation….


‘Intet Menneskebarn’ is out now, an you can buy your copy HERE.