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Written by Ross Welford   
Tuesday, 19 February 2013 03:15

blueoriginsomniumBritish fans rejoice because Blue Origin may re-awaken your love of BIG and new rock anthems in your homeland.


This is impressive.


Take your Black Stone Cherrys, your Alter Bridges, your Shinedowns and add a touch of old school rock ala Free, reinvigorate it with a drop of Crue attitude and top it off with classic Purple..... that is what we're talking about with Stoke born Blue Origin.


From the very first note, you'll go from who's this? WHO IS THIS?????


From the off they come racing out of the traps with 'Sick': Imagine Black Stone Cherry with bigger balls and you'll get the vibe that this group has an 'edge' that will knock the Americans off their perch. It has the same groove, same fret-tastic solos yet has added everything to take it up a notch. 'Take Your Pills' chases it up and takes a touch of Shinedown mixed up with Skunk Anansie to make a sound of compelling head bobbing of the metal kind. 'Blur The Lines' goes southern twang on us with a harmonica opening and bellowing vocals from Nick Pilgrim and opens up the whole band to get down swamp style - this is how I imagined The Answer should have always been instead of treading slow, boring waters.


Already you'll be thinking that £8 for this album is a steal.


'Whatever Happened', with its background whoo-ooahs, will no doubt be a massive crowd favourite as they continue in the same vein with a big sounding song - this time adding some emotional, atmospheric feel whilst still having the bite that so often goes missing in debut albums. 'Make Me' goes acoustic, almost Goo Goo Dolls, on us and it's another great track that aids them on their way up the ladder. It may not have the big guitars but it shows that this five piece know how to compose a strong song whatever base they start from. Next track 'Everything' gets you straight back into the guitar-led rock songs and has hints of Shinedown's 'Devour' about it - a great modern anthem. 'Scream' brings around the BSC comparisons again whilst old song 'Godless' returns and is once again a welcome crowd favourite - you may have seen this video on Scuzz or Kerrang a while back? 'Junkie' down-tunes the guitars and slides into a grunge feeling - think Godsmack and you'll be pretty damn close.


This is 11 tracks of genuine, great music from a British band that should grow massively in the next 12 months with this release. They've done the hard work on the circuits, they've cut their teeth, they've released a demo that, for once, was just that - a small stepping stone - and now they've released 'Somnium'.


It's worthy of your time.


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